About us

We aim to be a guiding light to the consumer in the modern world. As our times change, the way that we live our lives and purchase goods change with them. We exist in a global village but we buy from people and businesses that we don’t always know. That’s where ReviewsBird comes in. ReviewsBird strives to be the place that consumers can turn to. We have the reach to bring the global into your living room. We have the depth of knowledge across industries and sectors to be able to offer something quite unique in our world. When you turn to our website, we can guarantee that you will be reading the latest and most accurate reviews from around the world. That’s because as a global company curating a web’s worth of reviews we can offer you the best insights into the products that you want to buy. You see, when you contribute to our website, you are not only helping us, but you are helping to make the web a more trustworthy place to shop.

How We Work With Businesses

We think that we can be an integral part in the way modern businesses work. That’s because nowadays, a business cannot exist in a bubble. A modern business has to think outside of their brick and mortar premises because the web exposes them to so many more eyes than before. This is the case even at the local level. But, crucially, just as before, word of mouth is vital to the success of business. So, whether you are a multinational corporation, or a small operation providing a local service, your reach on the internet is increased and so is your exposure. We have positioned ourselves as a business at that point of web exposure. It is our aim to be the primary source of information when a consumer wishes to research a service or product before they buy. To that end, we want to work with businesses so that they can manage the customer experience and use this amazing source of feedback as a powerful way of changing their business and products in a way that benefits them and the consumer. Through change instigated by consumer review, a real benefit can be gained for all involved and the product or service can be tailored in such a way as to be a real asset to the creator and consumer alike. If reviews of your product or service are included on our website, we want you to be part of that conversation so that you can benefit from the knowledge you will gain from the insight into the consumer psyche.

How We Work With Consumers

As the lifeblood of our work, consumers are vitally important to us and we value above all the contribution that you make to our business. At our heart, we are a repository of information on the web. We are a store of information about products, brands and services. Consumer reviews are the basis of our business. Everything we do revolves around the generation of reviews that can be relied upon. We host a platform that is dedicated to publishing only the most honest and reliable reviews about products and brands. You the customer are at the heart of this business. We rely upon you to come to us with your reviews. In return, we can offer a valuable resource that will enable you to make better choices when buying online. We aim to host these reviews as a resource. We want these reviews to give an accurate reflection of the product or service that they discuss. As such, it does not matter if the reviewer had a positive or negative experience with the [product. What matters is the reliability of the review.

Where We Make A difference

ReviewsBird has experience across a wide variety of sectors. Be it a local service, from handyman services to car cleaning services, we are there for you. Local shops and delivery services all form part of the sectors that we cover. We welcome reviews about anything that you can purchase online. Similarly, we are equally at home providing you with valuable reviews about large brands and well known household names and products. You see ReviewsBird is your one stop shop for the best and most trustworthy product and service information on the web. Large and small, global and local – we have it all.

Our Promise To You

We promise that we will remain a neutral observer in the online marketplace. Our position is one of service provider ourselves, and we value our non-partisan nature. We will only publish fully verified and reliable reviews, and we make the commitment that we will continually strive to ensure the reliability of these reviews. This commitment extends to a program of continual improvement and expansion of our operations to ensure that you can always rely on us for honest and unbiased information on any product or service that you are considering purchasing. All we ask in return is that when you use our site to leave a review, that you do so with your fellow consumers in mind. Write honest and compelling reviews that describe your experience and we commit to publishing that review and giving you the voice that you deserve in today’s modern market place. By working together, we can ensure that you remain the focus in today’s commercial landscape. We can ensure that product creators and service providers can be held accountable for their products and the promises that they make about them. A Better Market Place When ReviewsBird brings together product creators and consumers, the marketplace becomes a better place for everyone. Creators get the feedback and accountability that they need, and consumers get the voice that they deserve. By working together, we can ensure that this happens. Come and be a part of our revolutionary vision to make the web a better shopping experience.