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Designer Dram

Whiskey is one spirit that has some of the most enthusiastic and passionate drinkers. It is one drink that holds a strong connection to people, culture, tradition, and more. Apart from the strong connection whiskey drinkers have for it, the flavor and taste are one thing that will make them always ask for more. When one tastes a good whiskey, it will be easily perceived as it will greatly hit them.

Nevertheless, what makes a whiskey good could also be influenced by personal preference. Some people love their whiskey taste a particular way, and when such ingredients are missing, they no longer enjoy the whiskey. Rather than requesting already prepared whiskey such people will prefer a custom-made whiskey.

Designer Dram provides customers with various kinds of whiskey, including those that are custom-made. However, we suggest you read honest customer reviews of Designer Dram whiskey here, before giving them a try.

About Designer Dram

Designer Dram Inc is a whiskey-producing company, which was established as a result of the founder's passion to create his whiskey. The founder discovered that the only way he could do this was by going through the process of creating an entire barrel of whiskey. They believe that every whiskey takes one on a journey, thus wanting customers to be able to play a part in creating that journey. Design Dram maintains that they are committed to making customers the whiskey maker; adding that they will provide customers the opportunity to craft every element of their custom bottle of whiskey, from the barrel selection, down to the alcohol percentage and the creation of their custom label.

Designer Dram claims that the custom-made whiskey is made in Santa Barbara, CA by a team of passionate distillers. They also emphasized that they have worked with four different Master Distillers to create their Proprietary Palate Test, which will build whiskey based on customers' taste preferences.

Products and services of Designer Dram

Designer Dram offers customers personally designed, custom bottles of whiskey. This process starts with customers choosing from a wide range of handpicked, premium whiskey barrels aged between 5-10 years. Designer Dram assures customers of being committed to helping them craft a bespoke whiskey for their palate, by allowing them to use their proprietary palate test or mash bill creator.

Designer Dram boasts of taking pride in sourcing their whiskey from MGP Ingredientsin Indiana. They claim that their whiskey is non-chill-filtered for the utmost complexity and quality. They claim to deliver their products to the 40 states in the USA, adding that they do not accept returns on orders. For further inquiries about their products, you can reach them via email:

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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