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Boss Club


is simply the act of setting up a business venture with the sole aim of maximizing profit. If you're looking for a place where confidence is inspired and creativity ignited in students, through the pursuit of Entrepreneurship, you may want to try Boss Club.

We are not in a position to validate the authenticity of the products and services offered by the company. Instead, you can read the customer reviews of Boss Club on to know if their services are worth considering giving a try.

About Boss Club

Boss Club asserts that they build up responsible leaders equipped with writers, People skills and financial literacy, and stewardship.

The club aims to build God's kingdom in a Christian scholastic environment through training students to view their lives and career in the light of God's word.

Boss Club also proclaims to have a curriculum that teaches Initiative and self-reliance, flexibility and adaptability communication and collaboration, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem, and last but not the least, opportunity recognition and a greater comfort risk

Contact channel of Boss Club

Interested customers can reach Boss Club via email at and can also follow them on leading social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Products and services of Boss Club

Boss club offer's a variety of products and services which include business kits like Homemade dog treat business, Luxury Bath bomb business, Gourmet cake Pop business mouth-watering fudge business, and Handcrafted soap business.

Furthermore, Boss club offers customers gift cards with no additional processing fees. these cards can be delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at check out.

The company asserts that customers can also grab a refill kit that has the exact quantities needed as well as more marketing materials (Packaging advertising flyers), “thankYou" notes, etc.

Shipping method of Boss Club

Boss club conveys varieties of products to customers through the USPS priority mail.

The payment method of Boss Club

Customers can make payments via Credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, and more.

Return policy of Boss Club

Boss Club proclaims that customers have the opportunity of initiating returns on purchases made if they are not entirely satisfied.

Customers who make purchases on any of the Boss club kits and are not satisfied for any reason, are to contact them within 30 days of purchase and would be granted a request with no questions asked.

Boss Club maintains that items not eligible for return or refund include any of their products purchased via a third party, any product received as a "trial" or promotional item, and items where any amount of the purchase price has been paid by or through a third party.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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