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Solving jigsaw puzzles is one of the best family activities that are exciting and develop teamwork. Even if solving a puzzle is just a hobby, relaxation or a game, there are many health benefits. It also helps children in their skills development by improving their memory and strategies. It also improves their imagination and they become more persistent and diligent.

There are different types of jigsaw puzzles like wooden, cardboard, adult puzzles, floor puzzles and 3-D puzzles. It also comes in different sizes and different numbers of pieces. The jigsaw puzzle is an interesting game that will surely keep your kids away from gadgets for a while and at the same time, it enhances their cognitive skills. Not only kids enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles, but adults find it enjoyable also.

About Puzzle You

Puzzle You offers different kinds of puzzles for the entire family to enjoy. These are customized jigsaw puzzle from your photographs and events. Some people have Puzzle You customized photos of their pets, family and special occasions. The 1000 pieces customized jigsaw puzzle is their best-seller. The clients can choose from their best landscape shots, family portraits and funny snapshots that can take on a new life in this size. The 1000-piece jigsaw is a tough but enjoyable challenge for all puzzle enthusiasts.

Some clients decide to frame their photo puzzles once they have finished bringing them together that can hang on their living room walls. The 1000 pieces photo puzzle offers enough room for your best-captured moment. People recreate their fondest memories and have fun arranging the pieces together. It is a form of entertainment as well as an artwork.

Products and Services of Puzzle You

Puzzle You offer customized puzzles made from the clients own photo. Browse their website and different features can be used to create a personalized puzzle. There are different numbers of puzzle pieces like 48 pcs, 100 pcs, 200 pcs, 500 pcs or 1,000 pcs and it depends on the preference of the customer. The next step after choosing the number of puzzle pieces is to upload the photo which will be printed on the puzzle pieces. Following it is choosing the layout and encode the text for the puzzle. The next step is to choose the box design and encode the text want to put on the box.

PuzzleYou.com have different layouts and designs to choose from in creating the photo puzzle. There are also previews so that the puzzle can be reviewed to see what the photo puzzle would look like. The steps are easy and instructions are clear and the creation is personalized. After confirming the designs clients can then pay and arrange for the shipping, next is just waiting for it to arrive at your home.

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