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Are you a pet parent? Are you looking for an insurance plan for your pets? Do you need help looking after your pets? Have you ever heard about Wagmo Wellness plan and Wagmo Insurance Plan? Wagmo is a company that offers insurance and wellness plans for pets in the USA. You can check out their online customer review and get to know about them and their services.

About Wagmo.
Wagmo was founded by two insurance nerds Christie Horvath and Alison Foxworth who are obsessed with their dogs. Wagmo comprises of Wagmo Pet Wellness Plan and Wagmo Insurance Plans. Wagmo insurance plans cover emergency and catastrophic care for accidents and illness for pets while Wagmo pet wellness plans reimburse you for the routine and preventative care you do for your pets annually. Wagmo Insurance Plan offers different insurance plans for pets depending on the customers specifications. Wagmo reviews and wellness plans are available within every state in the USA.

Products and services offered at Wagmo

Wagmo Wellness Plans reimburses customers for the routine care that is done to pets

. It offers three main plans. The Value plan which is usually for healthy pets who require annual check-ins with the vet. Some of the services offered by the vet include the fecal test, vaccination, urinalysis, grooming and routine blood work. Pet Insurance covers the unexpected illness and injuries for pets. Insurance plans provide financial protection in case pets need medical assistance. Pet Insurance covers: CT scans, ultrasounds, surgeries, prescription medications, emergency vet visits, hospital stays, X- rays, laboratory tests, cancer treatment among other services. The insurance does not cover; vitamins and supplements, dental surgeries, obedience classes, hydrotherapy and breeding classes.

Shipping and delivery services of Wagmo
Since Wagmo offers insurance and wellness plans, this section is going to discuss how to sign up for the plans and how the plans work. You can apply for Wagmo wellness and insurance pan on their website. After signing up for these services one receives policy documents on your dashboard or they may be either emailed to you or mailed to your house. Wagmo Insurance has a waiting period of 15days while that of cancer treatment is 30 days.

Return and exchange services of Wagmo
Given that this is an insurance company, this section is going to talk about insurance claims. Wagmo Wellness claims are processed within 24hours. You will receive notification of payment as soon as the claim is reviewed. You as the customer can choose an effective mode to be reimbursed. Reimbursements can be made via Venmo, PayPal, or bank transfer. Wagmo Insurance will process the claims within one week or less. You will then receive notification of your insurance claim via email when it is submitted, and when it is finalized. Once the claim is ready to be paid, you can select how you would like to be reimbursed - either through bank transfer, instant card payment, or paper check.

Complaints, compliments, and tips of Wagmo
Have you signed up for Wagmo wellness and insurance plans? Are you satisfied with the plan? Do you wish for some changes to be made on the plans offered? Was there any other customer care services that was offered unto you by them? Then write reviews and let other customers know of what they should expect.

What type of insurance company is Wagmo? Share your customer review experience and feedback with them.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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