Christmas trees: Live or Artificial?

When it comes to Christmas, one needs decorations and trees to put everyone in a festive mood. There are a variety of artificial Christmas trees and live Christmas trees for one to choose from. Each has its advantages, so if unsure, it is best to read reviews like those on the platform to choose between the different Christmas trees.

The ins and outs of artificial Christmas trees

Christmas trees were a tradition from the Germans. They would take pieces of wood, pile them up to resemble a tree's shape, and cover them with evergreen plants. Today artificial Christmas trees are fake pine or fir tree look-alikes. As times advance, one can purchase a large variety of different ones and fill their carts with online shopping. Alternatively, looking at the Home Depot artificial Christmas trees or the Walmart artificial Christmas trees can provide one with a vast range of trees.

The benefits of artificial Christmas trees

These trees save money over time as they can be reused each year if properly stored and looked after. The average time for the tree to stay intact is 7 to 9 years, as they are made of PVC plastic. In addition to that, the tree will need little to no maintenance. One does not need to water it, and the needles will not fall off it, so one will not need to pick it up after it all the time. Lastly, you purchase them in a box, and they are generally easy to get inside the house and set up by oneself. Reading some furniture store reviews will help one choose the perfect tree.

The disadvantages of artificial Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees are not eco-friendly. So once one's tree looks worse for wear and is thrown out, it will land on landfill sites and lie for many years. In addition, 85% of the artificial trees are made in China and transported across the globe, contributing to carbon emissions.

All about real Christmas trees

Instead of an artificial tree, if one is looking for the real deal, a live Christmas tree is the way to go. These trees are usually pine or fir trees. Looking for a fresh tree is essential as it will last longer and still look nice after Christmas.

The benefits of real Christmas trees

Some advantage of putting up a real Christmas tree this year is that nothing beats the smell of a real tree. It creates a feeling of comfort and being at home. In addition, one can get the whole family together and go Christmas tree shopping. Moreover, the real Christmas trees are environmentally friendly and recyclable, which is a huge bonus.

The disadvantages of real Christmas trees

A disadvantage of this tree is that it requires more maintenance than the artificial one. First, it will need watering; generally, the needles will keep falling and need to be cleaned up.

Moreover, the trees can carry various allergens, which may not be ideal for bringing into a home where people suffer from allergies.

Where to buy Christmas trees from?

One can purchase Christmas trees from various retailers. Walmart Christmas trees are available as artificial ones or live ones. In addition, there are prelit and colorful ones for people to choose from. The Home Depot Christmas trees are real Christmas trees, like first and then artificial Christmas trees in different heights and styles. Should you be looking for a 12-foot Christmas tree or a 4 ft Christmas tree, Lowes Christmas trees will be able to have something for you. People can find Christmas trees for sales at Balsamhill with various Christmas-related things and trees. Finally, Frontgate and Target provide consumers with Christmas trees, holiday decor, and gifts. However, if one is feeling overwhelmed about where to start, then reading Target reviews or alternative reviews will help.

Choosing an artificial Christmas tree or a real one depends on personal preference. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. So choose one and then have fun decorating it together!

By Rea