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Sexual intercourse refers to an activity that involves the thrusting of the penis after inserting it in the vagina, usually for reproduction or sexual pleasure or both. It is also referred to as vagina intercourse. There exist other penetrative sex types such as oral and anal sex, use of a dildo, and fingering. These sexual activities entail two or more individuals being involved in physical intimacy and are utilized by persons solely for emotional and physical pleasure and can also lead to bonding. Different views exist on what sexual intercourse constitutes. Some argue that it entails penetrative vaginal anal and oral sex. At the same time, penetrative sex has been called outer-course and is also considered sexual intercourse. Sexual activities put those involved at risk of contracting sexually contracted infections. Thus safe sex practices such as wearing a condom during intercourse have been advocated for by healthcare professionals.

About Bestvibe

is a company that believes that while life is short sexual satisfaction is vital. Sex can be simple but also complicated, and we get to realize the importance sex has in life while we get a good knowledge of sexology. Bestvibe is to resolving the sexuality of its clients while satisfying their sexual fantasies. Through thorough research and development, the company strives to ensure it satisfies its clients' sexual joy. Having been in the industry for more than a decade, the company has a well-experienced team that expands and grows and has now become one of the most popular adult toy brands. Best vibe features a user friendly site, allowing one to navigate and shop easily. The store also has a minimalist design. They also offer discreet packaging, ensuring it will never expose a user's personal information.

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Products and services of Bestvibe

Best vibe offers adult toys that have diverse sexual pleasures and sexual functions. Whether one is an advanced player or just a beginner, they'll get a toy that' suitable for them. The company is centered on the belief that persons should enjoy their sexual life no matter where they are from and who they are, as everyone has sex as a need. Different sex demanders have diverse sexual contact interest, with factors such as ethnicity influencing one's sexual interest. The company offers a broad range of adult toys for women, men, and couples, including dildos, vibrators, male masturbators, cock rings, anal toys, anal beads, sex dolls, penis extension, and pumps, sexy lingerie, and butt plugs.

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