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Clothing serves as an adornment, personal expression, identity building, social worth, economic status, and cultural meaning. The primary application of clothing is covering the body. When one dresses is done to portray one or a combination of the above goals, we call it fashion. Fashion depends on whether someone chooses to adopt, reject, adopt a fashion trend, and satisfy their needs. In describing the social class that comes with clothing choice, its history can be dated back to ancient Egypt. In that old kingdom, the goddess and the elite women usually wore or were portrayed wearing a sheath, which often had a broad shoulder strap. Later they adopted another form of clothing; their sheath was decorated with a gold thread and colorful beadwork with only one strap. Over the years, people choose different clothes and fashion trends that suit their lifestyle. Lifestyle has influenced clothes' choice, causing businesses to carefully study their target market and put the right style for a particular market segment. The emphasis on lifestyle and how it affects buying has been a fundamental aspect of the modern-day business operation.

About Blancsom

Blancsom is an online clothing and lifestyle store based in Fort Lee, NJ, USA. The company provides modern, unique, simple, and sophisticated designs on their platform. The variety of fashion trends and lifestyle clothes allows the user to choose the product that matches their interest. The company hopes to reflect the joy of open-mindedness, self-assured lifestyle, and many more to its customers. The company products cover both men and women shoppers. The company provides trendy fashion clothes to its customers, giving them confidence by catching up with the latest trend. Besides, they provide newsletters to their subscribers with details on the latest fashion trends and the latest offers. Customers can track their orders online from their accounts.

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Products and services of Blancsom

Blancsom provides a wide range of clothing and lifestyle products. The products are orderly arranged on its site ensuring they are easy to locate. Clients can always discover what they are looking for in different categories, including clothes and bags. The company strives to ensure that it offers a seamless client experience. It has a clear shipping policy. It offers expedited transportation, economical parcels, and standard transportation. The shipping fee depends on different weight segments, the specific country transportation time, and the logistics fee. The company offers detailed shipping instructions on the dress page. Regularly, the company offers free shipping, and Clients purchasing goods that meet certain conditions during these times enjoy free shipping.

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Are you a member or ever bought any fashionable clothes from Blancsom? Was there any delay in the delivery of their products? How long did it take during shipping? What's your opinion on the overall customer journey? How affordable are Blancsom their product prices? Was the quality of the ordered product up to standard? How would you rate their fashion collection and lifestyle trends? What is your experience with their customer service? Would you recommend someone to Blancsom? If you have used their products, leave a customer review on