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Reviews Capucinne

Jewelry has become a vital part of our clothes and serves to fulfill our dress code deficiencies in one way or another. When worn, it complements the person’s beauty. Both women and men wear jewelry, though, with time, jewelry has become noticeably unpopular among men. Women still wear jewelry to a large extent. Jewelry usually has some amazing facts that you would like to know. One is the fact that jewelry is made from materials such as gold silver, gems, and metal. Diamonds are made up of carbon, and the first synthetic diamond was made in the 1950s. Around 75% of brides in America receive an engagement ring made from gold or diamond as a promise of marriage. The onset of the metal age was characterized by the artistic creation of jewels from metals such as gold, diamond and silver. Gold is the most popular and most expensive jewel because of its longevity, softness and shiny surface.

About Capucinne

Capucinne is an online site that specializes in the selling of jewelry. It is the first jewelry brand of the minimalVS company in Slovenia, a beautiful and small country situated in the European continent. The company’s jewelry is manufactured and designed in such a manner to fulfill the personal requirements of a wide variety of clients. Capucine products offer its clients with beauty and elegance of minimalism and modern design. The company carefully and individually sources their gemstones, ensuring that its standards are of high quality and meet their client’s requirements. They manually shape, cut, set and polish their designs. Through several experiments with the material, color, and sizes, they produce high-quality products and customize their products to meet customer requirements.

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Products and services of Capucinne

The company offers its products in two main categories, which include Fine jewelry and rings. As far as rings are concerned, the company provides wedding sets, bands, diamond rings, engagement rings, gemstone rings, and sapphire rings. In fine jewelry, the company offers bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, including simple gold necklaces, diamond necklaces, and gemstone necklaces. They also welcome people to be their brand representatives and participate in affiliate programs as per their guidelines. Their clients are also able to make an appointment and also submit personal suggestions regarding the critical specifications of the ring or other jewels that they would like to be custom made. They have a blog section where they give their customers ideas and tips about their products and other jewel tips. The company also has a referral program.

Compliments, complains and tips for Capucinne

The company endeavors to ensure it offers its client a seamless experience. It has a clear shipping experience and provides free shipping to all its orders worldwide. Its orders are shipped by reputable shipping companies such as DHL. A client is advised that before they place an order, they countercheck their full address and phone number to ensure that they are correct. Upon delivery, they are required to sign. The company offers a tracking number once the package is ready for shipping. If you have used their products, leave a review on