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Reviews Carmen Sol

A lifestyle brand refers to a brand that embodied the aspirations, values, attitudes, opinions or interests of a culture or a group for purposes of marketing. These brands seek to guide, motivate and inspire people. The brands' products goals are usually to contribute to defining the customer's way of life. This being the case lifestyle brands are closely linked with advertising and other promotions whose main aim is to gain the target market's mind share. They normally work from an ideology which expects to entice a comparatively large number of individuals and ultimately become a recognized social phenomenon. Usually, certain organization's brands create an ideology by concentrating on arousing an emotional link with its clients, generating a yearning for consumers to be associated with a certain brand or group. Additionally, this affects the consumer's mind that leaves them believing that they will have a reinforced identity if they associate publicly with a certain lifestyle brand. Since people have different personalities based on their choices, personal experiences or background, an organization should seek first to understand whom it seeks to direct its brands.

About Carmen Sol
Carmen Sol is a company that seeks to reinvent the jelly lifestyle brand by making affordable, chic and eco-conscious brands. The products are made in Italy and designed in New York, and all its accessories are made with jelly materials scented with pure rose. The collection includes handbags, shoes and accessories in a range of intense colours and packages that are eco-friendly. The company was born on the Dominican Republic beaches. The company's story is that of a retailer that changed into a fashion brand. Its owners, Sebastiano Di Bari and Sol Espejo in 2005 opened as a small boutique on Punta Can, Dominican republic white beaches. The store was an instant sensation, meeting the needs of the client's needs while they are on vacation. The founder's first store experienced incredible success that Sebastian left his corporate job at NY and joined Carmen to increase their family business sales. The business grew widely and opened a total of 19 chain stores between 2006 and 2010.

Products and services of Carmen Sol
The company offers its products in various categories which include shoes, bracelets, bags, metallic and charms. In the shoe category, the company offers Tonino Wedge - Metallic Jelly, Maria Flat Sandal - Metallic Jelly, Tonino Wedge and Maria Flat Sandal. In bags, the company offers, Julian Pochette, Grazia Mini Tote, Alice Metallic Mini Jelly Shoulder Bag, Seba Mid Tote, among others. In charms, one can find Itsy Bitsy Tote Charm, Cuore Charm, Hope Charm, Stella Grande Charm and Fortuna Charm.

Compliments, complaints and tips for Carmen Sol
Have you experienced Carmen Sol? Have you had to experience their client service? Would you recommend, Carmen Sol after-sales services to others? How's their shipping? How long does it take? Do they have a return policy? Do you have a complaint or a tip regarding the company?. If you have used their products, leave a review on

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