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A refrigerator is made up of thermally insulated compartments and a heat pump that aids the transfer of heat from the fridge interior to the outer environment, ensuring that the fridge's interior is maintained at temperatures below room temperature. The technique of refrigeration is essential, especially in industries that deal with perishable goods. The refrigerator's lower temperatures have the effect of lowering bacteria's rate of reproduction, which ensured the rate of food spoilage is low.The initial food cooling system utilized ice. It was until the mid-1750's that artificial refrigeration began and in early 1800 its development continued. The initial vapour compression refrigeration system was built in 1834, and in 1854 the first commercial machine that was making ice was invented. The refrigerator for use at home was invented in 1913. Today domestic freezes and refrigerators for the storage of food are available in a variety of sizes. The smallest include the Peltier refrigerators that are made in such a way to chill beverages. On the other hand, large domestic refrigerators are also available and have a capacity of up to 600 litres and are about one meter wide.

About Clatterans
Clatterans is a company that is founded on the belief that a healthy environment, as well as clean water, are essential components to people's wellbeing as well as healthy living. It thus offers its clients with quality filtration products ensuring that each home enjoys healthy water as well as a great taste. Water is one of the essential products as far as human life is concerned, and the body is made of 70% water, having access to clean water is thus essential.The company has an experienced team that incorporates one of the best filtering technology to ensure it removes contaminants in the water while leaving minerals which are essential such as magnesium, potassium and calcium in the water. The result is a great tasting healthy water that will provide the body with the needed hydration..

Products and services of Clatterans
Clatterans offers its client quality refrigerator water filters from quality brands. The company's products are placed under various categories: under sink water filter, refrigerator water filter, and home appliance. As far as refrigerator water filters are concerned, the company offers a variety of water filters from various brands, including LG, Samsung, PUR, Kenmore, Aman, and Whirlpool. Undersink water filter offered by the company includes Berkey and faucet filters. In-home appliance the company offers air purifiers, health and hoise, Dyson, vacuum cleaner and small kitchen. Some of the products under health and household include portable UV sterilizer box with Ozone disinfection. 

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Clatterans strives to ensure it leaves a positive impact both on people and the environment. It offers high-quality water filters to ensure maximum reduction of water contaminants while beneficial minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium, are left on the water. Clatterans also cares for the environment and designs its products to ensure minimal waste. The catridges of the filters are made of compostable and recyclable parts. If you have used their products, leave a review on