Dress your windows with stylish curtains.

From formal colorful decorations to the stylistic modern curtains for the living room, this mini-guide will give you the best and most appealing window treatments that you can try for your living room makeover.

Before you enlist your preferences, buying quality curtains is a must! For this, head over to the online shopping reviews on different shops to make a well-informed purchasing decision. When you’ll be aware of all the opinions and suggestions of the real customers who’ll give you the right direction on what and where to buy.

Pro-tip 1:

Choose the color of curtains in accordance with the wall paintings, rug design, and bed sheet. Preferably, go for a one-step darker tone for the curtains than the wall paintings.

Pro-tip 2: Prints and solids make a huge difference in the overall look of the room. If you love both designs, pair the prints with solids to add visual weight to the area. Don’t forget to match the solids with pillows, rugs, and cushions.

Pro-tip 3: Buy from the furniture stores as they have good contrasts that match up with the furniture. The best curtains for living room can be found only in the well-known and popular stores.

Create contrast to wall color

A Contrast to wall color looks well when you’ll consider powdered dark blue walls with dark shady pink curtains. Try the combination contrasted with clean whites and trendy visuals to limit the space from looking too sickeningly candy. Are you still confused with the colors? Is there a problem with matching up the wall color and curtains color? Alchemy Fine Home services for the uniqueness to create something attractive will help you out with this.

Go with big curtain prints

Take care of the magnitude that goes with your curtain pattern. It is recommended to have the repetition in long curtains for living room design which will seamlessly align with the large windows. Ideas for this kind of decoration are the flower pattern which can be paired with a bright yellow wall. It would stand out even more in a light-colored space. Are you impressed by this idea? Don’t waste your time waiting and buy them from Fig linen and Home - which specializes in home interior designing.

Choose neutral tones with colorful rooms

If the space seems to have a lot of color and design, use muted blinds. This not only equalizes the design but also allows for fantastic vistas out the screen to stream into the space, making the space feel much larger. Opt for the simple curtains if the sofa and accessories are so vibrant. If still, you’re facing the issues, read the guides available to make sure you’re on the right track.

For outdoor curtains, try out the color of curtains that are slightly lighter than the wall paintings. For example, for the dark green wall, you can try out light solid green curtains.

With a touch of modern vibes in this innovation-driven world, you’ll keep up with the trends as well as you’ll have a good touch with traditional decor. Feel free to toss out the samples and go for the opposite side of a color wheel to create amazing hues!

By Mo