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Dignity Lifts

One of the innovations of the new world technology is the development of a toilet lift. A toilet lift supports the user when sitting and standing from a toilet seat. The toilet lift is an important bathroom accessory for the elderly and people suffering from back aches and other diseases. Dignity Lifts is a dealer in different types of toilet lifts. Reading customer reviews on the company will make you better informed about it.

About Dignity Lifts

Dignity Lifts is a United States company that deals in the production and sales of electric dignity toilet lifts. The brand is based in Michigan. They are a leading producer of toilet lifts. Tom Nardone founded the company in 1998. The company started with the aim of sustaining the dignity of toilet users. The company supports the use of toilets by physically weak people without the aid of another person, thereby lifting their dignity.
The company started the production of toilet lifts with nine aims to achieve, and the aims include the sustainability of independence and dignity lift, ward off tripping and wounds frequency in the toilet, making going to the toilet always convenient, reducing the level of constipation, increasing the harmony of a family. This innovation has helped reduce the dependence on caretakers, thereby saving money, ensuring embarrassing scenarios related to toilet use are avoided, etc.

Products and Services of Dignity Lifts

DignityLifts.com has produced three varieties of toilet lifts for many people and preferences at affordable prices. The DL1, the Deluxe Toilet Lift, focuses on quality and fashion. This type of lift, when placed in a bathroom, this type of lift does not disrupt the bathroom's design, thereby maintaining the bathroom's look.
Another type of lift is the Basic Toilet Lift BL1 which offers users independence and a modest price. The price of this particular lift is affordable. The Commercial Dignity Lifts CL1 is the third toilet lift built with a business purpose, allowing it to withstand pressures from different users. This type can be used in adult day care centers and hospitals. The company allows customers to become dealers in her products, filling out an online form.

Payment, Shipping, Return, and Refund of Dignity Lifts

Dignity Lifts accepts payment from Amex, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Master Card, and other online banking platforms. Shipping of lifts is done using ground freight. With the delivery done within 4-7 days.
The return of products can be in three different conditions, each with its return and postage fees. A customer must pay for a return when the product has a reduced or no shipping cost. The company’s warranty extends to 3 years of replacement of parts, it warrantees 90 days of services for defective parts.

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How can you define your convenience level in the bathroom after using a Dignity toilet Lift? How was your encounter with the customer service? We are interested in sharing your experience. Drop a dignity lifts review and feedback for other customers to know about your experience. That way, they will know what to expect from the products they buy.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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