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Online shopping has an exciting history. It is recorded that IBM was one of the first companies to conduct online trading through online transaction processing, designed in the 1960s, permitting financial transactions to be processed in real-time. The American airlines could then have a computerized ticket reservation system and were referred to as the Automated Business research environment. An IBM mainframe computer was used to link computer terminals situated in diverse travel agencies. It would simultaneously process the transactions while also coordinating them, allowing all travel agents to access information simultaneously. However, even with this development, the advent of online shopping has developed with the emergence of the internet. Initially, this platform only worked as an advertising tool for businesses offering information about different products. The development of interactive webpages led to the development of secure transmissions, shifting from a simple utility tool to a real online shopping transaction.


DOKODEMO refers to an online shopping site that delivers Japanese products throughout the globe. It provides clients with food, baby products, and the newest cosmetics. The company's primary aim is to ensure it offers Japanese products throughout the world and ensure clients love them. This was the main idea that led to the founding of the company. The client can also enjoy a variety of features while shopping from the site. At DOKODEMO, they can choose a shipping method that will suit their pocket and meet their timeline, from the vast shipping methods available according to a client's priority. A client also doesn't have to worry about their money with DOKODEMO's secure payment system that makes it possible to have a payment processor that is quick, safe, and fast.

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DOKODEMO offers its products in various categories. Those who want products mainly for their skin can choose from the skincare category. Thre are over 6 other categories to choose from. The company offers a good shopping experience to its clients. It has a clear privacy and shopping policy. The company doesn't obtain any of a client's personal information other than basic information that clients fill during the shopping process. This basic personal information isn't shared with any third party and is only used to make the experience of a client better. Those who love fashion have the fashion category handy and can choose from watches, socks, bags, and accessories; if you got any difficulty while shopping, there is client support that is always ready to offers help.

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