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Urinary incontinence is a common problem that affects countless persons. It is when leakage of urine involuntarily occurs, hence, an embarrassing problem for some. Meaning, the person urinates unintentionally. The reason for this is the loss of control over the urinary sphincter which oversees the flow of urine out of the person’s bladder.

For women, 1 in 3 are suffering from urinary incontinence. Severity varies from urine leak every so often when the person coughs or sneezes, to an unusual urge to urinate right away. Over time, urinary leaks aggravate if not properly treated.

About Elitone
Elitone was founded in the year 2014 by Gloria and Erik Kolb. Elitone provides a therapeutic solution for women in tackling urinary incontinence. Elitone offers an alternative option that is non-invasive and clinically proven to be effective. The more than 40 years of combined experience of its developers and manufacturer produces an innovative approach in empowering women through health. Elitone is proud of the awards and commendations it received from institutions and organizations. It helps to build trust with the customers.

Elitone incorporates modern biomaterials, interfaces, and devices in developing the product. In just a few weeks of its use, Elitone assures the user of a noticeable reduction in bladder leaks. The product is designed to boost the person's pelvic floor. During the therapy, the use of pads will lessen as well. Through this, women can participate and undertake physical activities that were previously hindered by urinary incontinence. Elitone is approved by the FDA even without a prescription. 

Products and Services of Elitone
Elitone offers a Starter Kit and Bundle. The Starter Kit includes the device with two (2) GelPads. The Bundle includes the device but has 6 GelPad packs.

To use, the device is worn under the person’s clothing which acts as an absorbent pad. The therapy works when the device applies tender stimulation to work out the pelvic floor muscles. The GelPad induces a tingling feeling when it comes into contact with the skin. Internally, you should experience a tightening sensation, accompanied by 6 seconds of "hold" and 6 seconds of "rest." For a full workout, repeat this series 100 times. Your skin can feel numb after a few minutes of exercise.

Specific treatment outcomes differ. After the initial 6-week treatment, the majority of women see a persistent decrease in leaks. It is recommended to have follow-up therapy sessions regularly. After a few months, some may need 3–4 sessions. This could be a weekly repair session for some. Some women report having a greater knowledge of their pelvic floor muscles after using Elitone.

The GelPads' gels are non-toxic hydrogels, which means they're mainly made of saltwater. The gel is mildly oily and comes from the wound-care industry, which means it is soft and does not pull hair.

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