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Reviews Hoodie Lab

Hoodie started as a garment for the US workers back in 1930, who worked in the warehouse's freezing conditions. It was used as a useful garment, and it helped cover the workers and keep them warm. The Hip-hop culture that greatly developed around the 1970s contributed greatly to the success and popularity of hoods. Since then, a lot of developments have taken place. The hoodie has been widely used in university, as a symbol of academic spirit. It has also been used as part of fashion. The hooded sweatshirt has a muff sewn on the lower front and fitted with a down string to adjust the hood opening. Other types of hoodies include hooded blankets, among others. With the increased need for hoodies across the globe, several businesses have emerged to fill this gap. The growth of the internet since the 19th century has had businesses shift from the traditional brick and mortar to eCommerce. Transaction and shipping are seamlessly carried out online. The advancement has opened the businesses to a wider consumer market. It has enabled the business to display a variety of hoodies in their stores. The consumers can now make purchases, check out, and even track their orders at their home's comfort.

About Hoodie Lab

Hoodie Lab is an online company founded in 2017 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company aims at connecting its artists to potential customers. It does this by enabling the artists to upload their art online, use quality materials, and develop a unique handmade product. The product is then displayed for their customers. Doing this helps the artists gain by selling their work and enabling them to experience a complete and unique product set. It has various printing options; this includes galaxy prints, psychedelic art, and minimalistic designs. The company designs cover both men and women, and they release them every month.

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Products and Services of Hoodie Lab

Hoodie Lab

has a wide range of clothes and accessories. There are hoodies, zip-up hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, women's t-shirts, tank tops, women's tank tops, shorts, and joggers in the clothing category. The accessories category has hooded blankets and Tote bags. Apart from these categories, the company allows its customers to shop by style or by the new design. The members are also updated on recent fashion through frequent newsletters. The website also has a chatbot that assists the client in the buying process or company queries. The company has affiliate programs for the business that would like to sell its products. It also has an Ambassador Program for those interested in being their brand ambassador.

Compliments, complaints, and Tips of Hoodie Lab

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