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Kate Backdrop

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About Katebackdrop

Katebackdrop is a company that specializes in the provision of backdrops that are not only beautiful but also of high quality. The company aims to ensure a user gets perfect photography and leave them with memories that are decorated. Katebackdrop believes that the story behind each photo that a person makes is significant and should be captured perfectly. The company story dates back to 2007 when its founder David got in cross border online shopping and foreign trade for his initial time. He had and still has a passion for photography. He offered purchases and selected accessories for photography in oversees shopping sites. In this period, David could find a backdrop is good photography equipment. After some analysis, he would learn that backdrops would have a great prospect in the market, and there were no much backdrop brands that could offer cost-effective and user-friendly products at the time. Under these circumstances, David opted to enter the backdrop market and started a long journey to find suppliers.


Products and services of Katebackdrop

The company offers its products in various categories which include, Products+ Designers +, custom products +, and more products+. As far as products+ are concerned, the company offers Newest Arrival, Festival Backdrops, 2020 Fall Backdrops, 2020 Christmas Backdrops, Sets, 2020 Sweeps, Season Backdrops, Thick Vinyl Drop(100% No Wrinkle), Theme Backdrops and Photography Classification. In more products, the company offers Collapsible Backdrops(Double-Sided ), Rubber Floor, Hand Painted Canvas, Photo Props, and Gift Card. In Custom+ products the company offers, Custom Hand Paint Canvas Backdrop, Custom Rubber Floor Mat, Make Custom Printed Backdrops Make, Graduation Prom Backdrops, Birthday/Sweet 16/Masquerade/Prom Template Backdrops, Wedding Template Backdrops, Baby Shower/Bride Shower/Engagement Backdrops and Kate Custom Collapsible Backdrop Photography 5X6.5ft(1.5x2m).


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