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Reviews MDNT45

The sleek and shiny fashion that the '50s intended is long gone. The reality is that the damage that has been caused to planet earth has turned our long-term prediction to a darker side. The end of the world seems nearer. It's time to wear the post-apocalyptic fashion. Functionality is one of the most vital functions that post-apocalyptic fashion should play. It should have many pockets, to enable the wearer to carry many items with it. One should look out for utility belts, helpful hip holster bags, and cargo pants. In post-apocalyptic fashion, features such as color are not as essential as functionality. However, camo-influenced colors such as olive drab and khaki are desirable, earthtones and sand will also work well. With this fashion type having a pair of goggles handy is a good idea, which will keep your eyes protected.

About MDNT45

MDNT45 is a company that specializes in making uncasual clothing that is motivated by cyberpunk fashion and post-apocalyptic fashion. The company believes that beautiful stories start with girls. Its founder Anatolia has always loved making clothes since she was young. When she was fourteen already, she had designed clothing for her friends and herself. She did it for multiple years jut as a hobby. In 2014 while working at an interior design studio, she was requested to make clothes that would make them have special looks at parties. She, at a particular time, made for her fried Michael a mantle. Michal would give positive feedback telling Anatolia that he loved the mantle so much that he would not only wear it during the party but will be wearing it all the time. After years of making clothes, doubts, and improvement, it was now prime time for the mantle, and Anatolia decided to leave her job and enter the clothing designing industry. She was able to successfully sell her first batch of twelve black coats over Facebook by herself.

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Products and services of MDNT45

MDNT45 offers its products on its site. It has arranged them in three main categories. Women can choose from a variety of bottoms, tops, and dresses that are offered. Women who love staying warm can shop from the company's warm dresses category. Men can shop from three main overcoats categories. In rainy weather, they can seek refuge from the MDNT45 raincoats category. There are also a variety of cardigans and coats to choose from. Spending home at home has been made enjoyable through the variety of tops and bottoms offered in the uncasual Homewear category.

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