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Optics is a branch in physics that specializes in the study of the properties and behavior of light, including how it interacts with matter and the design of instruments that detect or use light. In optics usually, the behavior of ultraviolet, visible and infrared light is studied. Light is considered an electromagnetic wave, and other radiations such as X-rays are considered to have some properties of light. Optical science has been applied widely. One application is in medicine, where it has been used to make eyeglasses. Eyeglasses, being the most common form of eyewear, is crucial for mainly eye correction or improve vision. The eyeglass consists of a frame that holds two pieces of plastic or glass that are ground into lenses to correct refractive errors. These errors include Myopia, where near objects are seen, and far objects are blurred, and hyperopia or farsightedness. 

About Nihao optical
Nihao optical is a company that specializes in offering prescription eyeglasses. The name Nihao is a Chinese word meaning 'hello.' Through that definition, the company aims to express its warm service to its customers by providing a better user experience. The company was established in November 2016. It believes that it offers exquisite and concise designs suitable for low-key individuals and those wishing to pursue quality. The company has a design team with a great experience in the area and each who have their design styles, ensuring they make unique glasses. The company offers affordable eyeglasses but of high quality and beautiful style. The shape varies from square, round, and other innovative approaches.

Products and services of Nihaooptical
Nihaooptical is a company that offers its clients a variety of glasses in various categories, including sunglasses, eyeglasses, and flash sales. They target people who are simple but still have the eye for sophisticated products. As far as eyeglasses are concerned, the company allows clients to shop by type, material, color, and shape. The company also offers progressive lenses, single vision lenses, reading glasses, and non-prescription glasses. The website enables the customers to choose sunglasses under different categories; this is by size, shape, color, Material, Prescription, and feature. The shopping can also be specific to women, men, color or by shape category. Apart from selling glasses, they have information on choosing the right glasses, among other necessary tips useful to the customer.

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The company cares for its client's privacy and has a clear privacy policy. It only collects the necessary personal information, such as email addresses name and phone number. It also collects data on the items purchased as well as your shipping address. The company is, however, careful and doesn't share this data with any third party. The data is only used to make a better client experience. It is also dedicated to ensuring clients get their orders promptly. It has a clear shipping policy, and it has a page on its site where it has indicated the shipping period for various destinations worldwide. If you have used their products, leave a review on