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One of the hardest things in this era is to find the products that can actually offer you value for money. You can find hundreds of brands all over the internet requiring the customers to pay hundreds of dollars literally for a single piece of cloth. Do you really think it is the right way ahead? Probably not! In a product, uniqueness is what describes its quality and the actual value, but indeed, it is not easy to find.

That is where OhSevenDays comes in that claims to offer an affordable experience to users from all over the world. You can actually check them out along with their reviews and see if they really are reasonable or not.

About OhSevenDays

If we talk about where the brand started, then it is based in Istanbul, Turkey. The brand states that they produce all of their products from deadstock, which benefits the whole industry and makes it affordable for people to buy it. Not only that, but the brand also claims to offer sustainability, transparency, and excellent design to offer you the best.

The founder of the store is an Australian/Canadian, Megan Mummery, who decided to run the store after shifting to Istanbul, Turkey. Coming across the dead stock made her realize in which ways it can be used to benefit the people.

Products and Services of OhSevenDays

OhSevenDays is a women’s brand, so you cannot really expect to find anything else for any other gender. But the thing is, they have covered quite a lot of categories of women that can make your online shopping experience better. Customers can check out their tops, bottoms, complete dresses, outerwear, jumpsuits, sweatshirts, and few other categories having a variety of products in them. If you are looking for something very new and that is according to the latest fashion, you can also check out their latest collection section. You will most probably be able to check out the products having the latest designs and shapes.

If you want to explore even cheaper items than their standard ones, you can go through their sale section. You will be provided with a specified percentage of the sale to save few bucks from the items you are going to purchase. As for the OhSevenDays delivery, you can get your products delivered to you for free if you are living in Turkey. As for the rest of the countries, there is a specific fee per order that you will have to pay to get your things at your doorstep. Make sure to check out their size guide and policies to exterminate the risk of wrong size and products.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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