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Watches have a long history. It is documented that their origins date back to Europe and in the 16th century when they evolved from the transportable spring-driven clocks that were previously used in the15th century. The 16th century to 20th-century watches were mechanical devices that were powered through the winding of a mainspring. In 1960 the quartz watch, powered by electricity was invented, and this marked a radical departure in the industry.As far as clock watches are concerned, the first pieces were from Augsburg and Nuremberg's German cities and were in size transitional between watches and clocks. The 15th century invention of the mainspring made it possible to have portable timepieces. It is documented that Peter Henlein, a clockmaker from Nuremberg, is credited as the person who invented the watch. On the other hand, pocketwatch styles changed in the 17th century, when men started wearing watches in pockets. It was not only considered as a way of fashion but also as a way of securely carrying the watches.


About ShopWorn

ShopWorn is an internet-based platform that offers genuine unworn and unused luxury products that are directly secured from official brands and retailers and offers them to clients at very low prices as compared to the retails price. When retailers and brands have unsold inventories, they contact ShopWorn, which in turn finds a market. ShopWorn has an experienced team that inspects each item thoroughly and only accepts high-quality items with very little blemishes. These blemishes explain the name ShopWorn. Shopworn guarantees its clients of quality products by directly working with brands ensuring 100% authentic products. A client of the company's products doesn't have to worry if a watch has been refurbished with unauthorized parts as the direct relationship that the company has with authorized dealers eliminates any authenticity question.


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ShopWorn offers its products in various categories which include, Watches, brands, Jewelry, flash sale, fashion corner and new arrivals. The company has featured watch brands, featured accessory brands as well as fashion Jewellery brands. In the watches category, the company offers a variety of watches which include, quartz watches, automatic watches and manual wind watches, among others.


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The company strives to ensure its clients are satisfied. If as a client you aren’t satisfied with the products ShopWorn offers 14 day return period, where one can return the product for a full refund. The returned products must, however, be returned in the original package, there must be a good reason for the return, and one must contact the company personnel before initiating the return. If the return reason is due to manufacturing damage or defect, repairs are covered by ShopWorn warranty. The company also assures clients that what they see online is what they receive; all images of shopworn products are taken by an in house photographer. The company doesn't use stock images, and all items featured on the site are available and ready for shipping.. If you have used their products, leave a review on