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Reviews STAUD

Clothing is nowadays not just an item worn on the body. Clothing and footwear are an essential part of fashion. Fashion is unique, self-fulfilling, and maybe a part of someone's identity. Just like art, fashion does not have to be liked by everyone, it is an expression of one's tastes. So we can say that fashion is a form of self-expression in a specific context, of clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories. Are you looking for any online site for purchasing your type of fashion clothing, shoes, or accessories? There are many sites offering clothing, shoes, and accessories. If you want to have a great experience in online purchasing then you must read customer reviews before buying anything.


When it comes to wardrobe staples, STAUD has it down to a science — if that science were based on emotion instead of formulas, technicolor dream coats instead of those meant for a lab, and the idea that “matter” is just stuff in the universe while a good handbag is anything but. It’s why, in 2015, Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto co-founded the LA-based brand upon the idea that fashion shouldn’t just empower women — it should be accessible, too.

But at the heart of STAUD is design. Think scrupulous attention to detail, a natural opposition to the typical, and a feminine aura that’s equal parts seductive and self-governing — all whilst leaving the room, of course, for the occasional mushroom trip or a jaunt to the beach (or both). If fashion is a never-ending pursuit of style, then STAUD is what happens after you’ve found it.

Products and Services of

STAUD offers a variety of clothing items, handbags, shoes, and accessories. In the category of clothing, they sell Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Knits, Jackets, and Jumpsuits. Some clothing offered by STAUD includes Wells Dress, Kai Top, Sea Skirt, Lazio Skirt, Chiara Dress, Mercerie Dress, Giulia Dress, Matilde Top, Laelia Dress, Ravello Pant, Ludo Jumpsuit, Vittoria Top, and Phoenix Jumpsuit. In featured clothes, STAUD offers Spring Clothing, Classics, Exclusives, Extended Sizes, Sets, and Sweats. In the handbags category, they offer Bags, Minis, Crossbody, Totes in various styles like Bean, Tommy, Scotty, Rey, Moon, Felix, and Shirley.

They offer different types of shoes including Sandals, Boots, Heels, Mules, and Wedges. Some shoes offered by STAUD are Mona sandal, Frankie beaded, Frankie wavy sandals, Nicky sandals, Tessa sandal, Rio platform, juju flat sandals. They also offer palmino boot, wally boot, Aimee boot Marie sandal, and gina mule. In accessories, they provide numerous items which include a pill case, sanitizer holder & case, tweed bucket hats, and makeup pouch.

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Have you ever visited STAUD for purchasing clothing, shoes, or other accessories? If yes, how was your experience with STAUD? Do you want to give any suggestions to enhance the quality of the products or have any complaints about the products or services? We appreciate and encourage you to share them with us. This can help the company and other buyers in the future. Share your review, experience, and feedback with us.