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Reviews Vintage Boho

A handbag is a medium to a large-sized bag with a handle and used to carry personal items. Handbags arose due to the need to have something to help in carrying items. Europeans, for example, wore handbags for one main reason: to carry cash. The initial handbags were designed using soft leather and fabric and were worn by both ladies and men. One still surviving example is the Scottish Sporran. The 17th century was characterized by young girls being taught embroidery as an essential skill they needed for marriage; this aided them to make gorgeous handbags. The 18th century in Europe marked a shift in fashion towards a more slim shape, especially for accessories which were inspired by silhouettes of Ancient Rome and Greece. Women preferred tidy and less bulky handbags which led to the designing of Reticules that were made using fine fabrics such as Velvet and silk and were carried using wrist straps. This was first prevalent in France, and they moved to Britain. Men did not adapt to this trend. They were instead using pockets and purses which were becoming prevalent in men's trousers.

About Vintage Boho

Vintage Boho is a company that specializes in the repurposing of vintage, authentic and pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbags through the addition of leather detail. It is, however, important to note than Vintage Boho bags are not in any way linked with Louis Vuitton whose products appear on Vintage Boho's website. Vintage Boho assures its clients of quality while still maintaining affordable prices. It serves its clients through its online store at All clearance and clothes sale by the company is final.

Products and services of Vintage Boho

The company offers its products in various categories which include Hats & Beanies/Cuff/Plain Wallet, Bags, Face Mask, Pets and accessories. As far as bags are concerned, the company has a variety of bags which include, The Petit French Tote with Studs, Chocolate/Crossbody, The Petit French Tote, The Capri Tote with Studs, The French Tote Large with Studs, The Capri Tote, World Traveler Golden, World Traveler Chocolate, World Traveler Dirty Blonde, World Traveler Dirty Blonde among others. In clothe one can find, Pleated Cami Top, V-Neck Cami with lace inset and adjustable drawstring detail - BLUE COOL, Black overlap tank top, Cowl Neck Dress – PAPYRUS, Mini Tiered Smocked Strapless Dress-Sapphire, Strappy Mini Flare Dress with Smocked detail- Navy and Leopard Beanie with LV logo. In Hats & Beanies, one will find, Brown Leopard Hat, Leopard Beanie with LV logo, Cream Beanie with LV log, and Cream Beanie with LV logo. The company also offers accessories such as charms, straps, beads, Conchos, spur straps and D-Rings.

Compliments, complaints and tips for Vintage Boho

Have you experienced Vintage Boho? Have you had to experience their client service? Would you recommend, Vintage Boho after-sales services to others? How's their shipping? How long does it take? Do they have a return policy? Do you have a complaint or a tip regarding the company? If you have used their products, leave a review on

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