The latest women's ugly Christmas sweater trend

Christmas time is the time of year when there is divine food on the table, Christmas decorations everywhere, the exchanging of gifts, and children laughing and running around waiting for Santa with much excitement. But just because you are an adult does not mean the fun times must stop. So celebrate this Christmas in style by finding the perfect women's ugly Christmas sweater!

How to shop for the perfect women’s Christmas sweater

Before purchasing the sweater, one must decide whether to buy it online or in-store. Both options have their advantages. In-store means one can physically feel the fabric and try the sweater on to look at the style and fit. However, many ques and retailers are very busy this time of year. If one were to shop online, it could be done from anywhere, it is quick, and one can view all the options on one page instead of walking around the stores. However, finding the perfect style and size to suit one may take time and effort. Hence, reading reviews on the ReviewsBird platform may help one decide which sweater to purchase and which retailer to support.

Trends in women’s Christmas sweaters this year!

If looking to buy a men’s ugly Christmas sweater, it can be considered an easier task than purchasing a kid's ugly Christmas sweater or one for a woman, as there are generally fewer options. When looking for the perfect women's Christmas sweater, these are some trends for the 2022 festive season:

Stick to the winter color palette

Sweaters that consist of colors from a winter color palette are all the rage. Bright blues, pinks, and deep purples are ideal for winter sweaters. But classic Christmas colors like red and green are important as these seasonal colors will make one look festive. A simple red and green patterned sweater can be just as effective and one that lights up. Color combination is key this Christmas!

Choose a fabric to suit the climate you live in.

Sweaters are available in luxe cashmere, alpaca wool, mohair, and more. Choose the fabric based on climate. Heavy thread and knit will suit your needs. Whereas in warmer weather, lightweight knitted material will suit your needs.

Choose a versatile design.

Ensure that the sweater you purchase is versatile and can be worn with numerous items in your closet, such as jeans, skirts, trousers, and leggings. If one can wear the Christmas sweater with more items, chances are one will wear it more often. Depending on how versatile it is, one may wear the cute ugly Christmas sweater leading up to Christmas and not only on Christmas.

Opt for an interactive sweater

Interactive sweaters are making an appearance, which is a shirt with an interactive quality. It can be a garment that lights up, has pop-out embellishments, or makes a noise when a button is pushed.

Where to look for trendy women’s Christmas sweaters

Many retailers get in a wide range of ugly sweaters for the festive season, so be sure to look at a couple of retailers and read some reviews before purchasing your shirt.

Tipsy Elves

Tipsy Elves provides consumers with a variety of holiday-themed apparel. Whether looking for 90s fashion-themed or interactive sweaters, this company offers many options, from underwear to socks, pajamas, and ugly sweaters. If one wants the entire family to wear the same sweater, family sets are available for those interested.


The large department store, Walmart, has gone all out this year, offering people a range of holiday accessories, holiday outfits, family pajamas, and a variety of ugly sweaters for one to choose a Walmart ugly Christmas sweater. Suppose you are a fuller-figure lady looking for a flattering, ugly sweater. A plus-size ugly Christmas sweater selection is available for women.


Etsy Christmas sweaters include various options, from more traditional and simplistic ones to inappropriate Christmas sweaters aimed at the older population. Thus, Etsy offers many different styles, whether looking for a funny Christmas sweater, one based on a meme, or a simple sweater design.


If you are still looking for the sweater of your dreams, look for an Amazon ugly Christmas sweater. There are Christmas sweaters with reindeer, Santa, snowflakes, and general patterns. In addition, one can purchase a family set, whereby each family member will get a matching sweatshirt.

When looking for different retailers offering sweaters, try searching for an ugly Christmas sweater near me. Relevant retailers and other sweater options will appear, and this will guide one in choosing the best sweater for Christmas! So draw inspiration and choose one following the latest 2022 Christmas trend, but most importantly, make sure it reflects your personality!

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