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Clothing has been available since the age of Neanderthal man. An old saying goes, clothes make a man. Therefore, clothes have been chosen based on personality, gender, status, trend, season, events, and the years. They affect the facial features and the body. It is also a tool for social interaction. Its basic function is offering protection against heat, cold, sandstorms, among others. The modesty theory on the origin of clothing explains that clothing is the practice of covering the body in a way that does not compromise sexual emotions. Immodest people wore clothes to attract others sexually. Projection theory suggests that clothes protect humans from elements, animals, or even supernatural forces. In most cultures, clothes are used to differentiate genders; these differences are visible in styles, colors, fabrics, and types. Skirts, dresses and high-heeled shoes are often seen as female clothing. Trousers, neckties are often seen as male clothes. Men are also perceived as masculine when they have their chest out, while this could be interpreted negatively or sexually for the female doing the same. Clothes are now available in different styles and brands. They are also seasonal or appropriate for different events such as casual, business meetings, weddings, and more. With lots of brands to pick from, businesses have to position themselves well to address the market need.


Founded in 1996, ZAPAKA is a clothing company based in Hong-Kong that sells ready-to-wear cloth designs and good quality and value accessories. The company has a factory in China where they produce their clothes. When the user's order is received, they develop designs, choose the right fabric and color to suit the user's occasion or appeal. During these stages, their customer is updated to be confident that their order is being processed. The company also has a complete research system, production system, quantity management system, and customer after-service system. All these complete systems were fully in place in 2018 and had since been serving their customers. They constantly research better production methods of women's wear and accessories.

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Products and Services of ZAPAKA

ZAPAKA offers a variety of women wear and accessories. They design, choose fabric, embellishments, and color that matches the design, they then embark on plate making, after which they start the tailoring process. In cases like wedding dressmaking, they use clipping in this stage, then the dress is sewed by their expert tailors, and finally, they perform quality control. They sell different dresses such as Halloween dresses, lace dresses, 1950s dresses, bride's dresses, vintage, and occasion dresses. They also sell accessories like shoes, belts, earrings, capes, glasses, gloves, handbags, necklaces, and more.

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