9 Dating Terms That We Learned About In 2020

If you are just coming to terms dating terms like ghosting and bird-boxing, then the latest terminology in the dating scene in 2020 is going to leave you bewildered!

We take a look at the dating phrases that made the news in 2020 and look set to be part of the online dating landscape of the future.

Yellow Card-ing

Have you ever been on a date and found their behavior, shall we say, less than acceptable? Well now you can yellow card your date and let them know that you don’t approve. Same goes for views that are unacceptable.


Relationships often fizzle out and end up going nowhere. You both go your own ways and forget about each other.

It happens. Get over it.

But then, out of the blue, your ex contacts you with a favor to ask. See, they’ve got some new cause that they are championing and they need YOU to help them with it.

You’ve been cause-played.

Have You Been Elsa’d?

You’ll know when you’ve been Elsa’d.

The relationship was going great, then things cooled a little. Then texts got a bit shorter. Then texts stopped coming unless you texted them. Then they got abrupt with you when you contacted them.

Things get decidedly chilly, and you’ve been Elsa’d…


This is a new one that refers to those you unashamedly use their fluffy canine friends in order to attract a date.

Some people just can’t resist the thought of walking someone else’s pooch…

Make sure you know what you want, and make sure you’re not being dogfished…


Ever get given a number and call up to arrange a date?

Did it ever happen to you that your call never got answered or returned?

That’s dial-toning.


Have you ever had trouble meeting your new partners friends and family? There always seems to be a reason why they’re busy, or you can’t meet, or it’s too soon or…..

If you suspect that you’re being distanced from their close friends and family then this might be a red flag for you.

There’s also a word for it. They’re stashing them away from you. For some reason or other they don’t want to make the relationship official by introducing you to friends and family.


Here’s an unappealing sounding term for those who just keep on falling for the wrong person.

Could this be you? Are you constantly falling for types that are just plain wrong for you? Every. Single. Time?

You could be fleabagging yourself.


Like the name suggests, this is one for a date that was going great then ended up hitting a brick wall.

Ever been on that date where things just got awkward and neither of you had anything to say after a while? Well now we have the word flatlining to describe just that situation.


Online dating has changed things so much, and some of us find we have more matches than we can cope with.

If this is you, you need to make sure that you take the time to respond to all of your contacts, otherwise you may be accused of whelming,

Whelming is where you don’t get back to people ‘cause you’ve just got too many matches to deal with.

So, which of these are new to you?

Have any happened to you and which have you been guilty of?