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Menopause refers to a time in women's lives when there is a permanent stop in menstrual periods, and they are also not able to bear children. Typically, it happens at 40 to 52 years of age. Clinically menopause is diagnosed when a woman fails to have any menstrual bleeding for a period of 12 months. A reduction in hormones production by ovaries also marks menstruation. In women whose uterus have been surgically removed but still have ovaries, menopause is said to have occurred at the time of surgery. At times menopause is induced surgically through a process that involves the surgical removal of ovaries. When menses cease due to the removal of ovaries, this is referred to as surgical menopause. However, this method has various side effects, such as hot flashes, since the removal of ovaries causes a complete and sudden drop in hormones. There are three main terms associated with menopause, and this includes premenopause, perimenopause, and postmenopause. As far as premenopause is concerned, it is a term that is utilized to mean years leading to the last menses usually characterized by lower reproductive hormones. Perimenopause, on the other hand, refers to the transition period before the date of the final flow. Postmenopause, on the other hand, refers to the period after the last flow, usually one year after the last menses flow.

 About MenoLabs
MenoLabs is a company inspired by the story of co-founders Vaness ford and Danielle Jacobs. They believe that women should rightfully have access to natural healthcare products that are proven scientifically and quality probiotics that will enable them to stay focused productive and healthy throughout their lives. The company also believes that we should keep health solutions that are natural at the front of our day to day health regimen to make sure we have a good life without compromising our lives by dealing with symptoms or ailments of menopause. MenoLabs' main aim is to make sure that it helps women have a better life by educating them and offering products that offer relief from the menopause symptoms. The company's site also has a community that educates women on various issues on menopause. In case of any query, the site has ready to help support

Products and services of MenoLabs
MenoLabs specializes in offering its clients with complete menopause probiotic symptom supplements. Its products ensure women are relieved during menopause stages. The company's co-founder john P. Konhilas believes that menopause changes women microbiome, and with no healthy gut microbiome, all other parts of the body get to suffer. Some of the products offered by the company include MenoGlow, Menofit, and meno guard.

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