Fireworks on New Year’s Eve

New year’s eve this time will be different. Different as in every city in the world is taking COVID-19 precautions. We use those views every year in major cities. Today, we will see them different – from our couches at home. Most of the larger displays we often anticipate in big cities featuring fireworks have been canceled in most cities. We are going to see these events on smaller screens or through live stream events. Nevertheless, we will see these events happen, no matter how downscaled they are, or even live stream them from the comfort of our homes.

New year’s fireworks near me

Hold on to your breath; despite banning and canceling the new year's eve celebrations in most cities, here are places that still hold these events, although downscaled. If you are keen to follow these live events, watch out if you are near these cities known for firework vibes.

New year’s fireworks London

Yes, London, baby. The most iconic London firework show over River Thames is canceled, most Englanders are under strict stay-at-home measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. You will have a chance to enjoy a special broadcast on the BBC so that you can still enjoy the show at home.

New year’s fireworks New York

If you are in New York, the crystal ball will still be dropping at Times Square, and there will be celebrations, but this event is closed to the general public due to the pandemic. It will not be the same this year, but you can still catch on national broadcasts even when no one is out there freezing as they wait for the crystal ball to drop. Even when watching this historical event at the comfort of your couch, you can still participate in the countdown to midnight today.

New year’s fireworks Los Angeles

Totally, there will be no fireworks in Los Angeles tonight, which is strictly under stay-at-home COVID-19 restrictions. However, people can still tune in to a virtual countdown event hosted by DJ Steve Aoki, dubbed the biggest virtual new year event dance and party – West Coast.

New year’s fireworks Dubai UAE

Everything in Dubai is lit as people usher in the new year. If you are in Dubai, there are 11 places to watch the sky light up from. COVID-19 regulations are there though, everyone wishing to participate must test negative before they are allowed in.

New year’s fireworks Rio de Janeiro

Fireworks displays in Rio have been canceled, and access to beaches is restricted too, including the famous party hub - Copacabana in a move to avoid crowds. There will be an online broadcast of the celebrations; not all is lost if you hail from that part of the world.

New year’s fireworks Sydney

Sydney, the home of fireworks, is forgoing the public NYE for smaller celebrations to be broadcast publicly. Instead of breathtaking fireworks, there will be some smaller fireworks at Harbour bridge at the stroke of midnight.

New year’s fireworks Madrid

Unfortunately, Spaniards will have to eat their grapes while at home this new year’s eve. Grape eating has been part of the cultural tradition of the city for years back. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, 2020 will not be the case.

New year’s fireworks Edinburgh, Scotland

If you are in Edinburgh, Scotland, unfortunately, the famous new year's Eve celebrations will not be taking place in person but online. Edinburgh Hogmanay this year will be graced by 'Doctor Who,' the actor on David Tennant, among other artists. The event will be free to view worldwide.

New year’s fireworks Las Vegas

There will be no fireworks in the City of Lights this season. But celebrations at Fremont street and Plaza hotel are on. The hotel has plans to set fireworks at the stroke of midnight. Of course, expect some locals to shoot some fireworks in the skies too. So if you are in Las Vegas or nearby during this new year's eve, expect the sky to light up even without the main display at midnight.

New year’s fireworks Paris

France has banned all public events and celebrations during this new year's eve, but residents will be treated to a live-streamed concert in Notre-Dame Cathedral by Jean-Michel Jarre. It is free for everyone to watch.

New year’s fireworks New Orleans

There will be no much frenzy in this big city during new year's eve. However, it will host Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve. This event will be closed to the public.


During new year's eve, many cities will not be as frenzy as it normally should due to COVID-19 restrictions and measures taken to curb its spread. Still, there are cities still ago with the plans though downscaled. Don't fret; you can still catch up with the events you don't want to miss on TV or Livestream. Happy new year!