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Gene Food

Health living based on food intake has been a serious concern to many individuals over time. Poor dietary has led to the emergence of several fatal conditions like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and many more. Many people are struggling to manage situations like heavyweights which they might have found themselves in unknowingly. People are looking for what may work effectively for their health.

With the development in technology, many industries and nutritionists have emerged in the market trying to offer solutions to the concerned. They seek to offer guidance based on DNA.

Gene Food Company is one of the developing solutions to the diet challenges. They claim to offer individualized guidance on dietary and healthy lifestyle suggestions for healthy living. They also claim to give a piece of detailed information about DNA-based diets more than other emerging companies.

About Gene Food

Gene Food was started by John O'Connor and Dr.Steve Brody in 2016. The company was formed with determination to offer DNA-based nutritional and dietary guidance.

The founders of the company we're motivated by the desire to offer people with health solutions after realizing a crack in the field of healthy nutrition and medicines related to a healthy diet.

Products and Services offered by Gene Food

The company offers DNA tests to its client and advises them to take the test to a certified laboratory for good examination and analysis.

Gene Food has a team of specialists who takes an individual's DNA and tests it in Different types of food to come up with an individual nutritional report. The reports are important in helping the individuals to decide on their diet plans and get an analysis on the reaction of their bodies with several nutrients.

The company also gives bits of advice to its customers on the predispositions for heart diseases and advises them on the diet to take to avoid risks related to heart diseases.

Apart from the advantages that we may see from the Gene food, it is good to note that the company has got some disadvantage. DNA-based nutrition is more expensive than another diet, they don’t put into consideration the allergies and physical factors and some diets may lead to high weight gain to the individuals.

Some individuals count their health factors as confidential. Gene Food is concerned with the privacy and confidentiality of the documents and analysis offered by the customers. The company never share private data of their clients with any third party.

The company never consider the use of health insurance and other health covers in their services and products.

Complaints, Complements, and Customer Reviews for Gene Food

Have you ever used the services offered by Gene Food? How does the Company offer its services? Is the Company in touch with the emerging developed testing and nutritional technology? Did the company uphold your confidentiality?

It is advisable to leave your comments on the company websites. This will help other potential users to count on their money worth before choosing Gene Food Company. In case you were never satisfied with the products and services of the company don’t be afraid to give your experience & feedback because it is very important to the company for improvement and also for client decision making.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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Alyssa 1 year ago
Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Gene food. My health has already improved as a result of adapting my diet to your recommendations. I've had health problems my whole life, and I'm feeling...

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Custom Nutrition plan

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Gene food. My health has already improved as a result of adapting my diet to your recommendations. I've had health problems my whole life, and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time (by changing my diet). Your thorough study and easy-to-understand report are really appreciated. My blood pressure has returned to normal compared to how it used to be. I am very happy about this improvement in my health status. Gene food is highly recommended by me. If you follow their nutritional plan advice, you'll definitely see a good result. A customized report just for you.

Alyssa 1 year ago
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