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It is difficult to find any place without windows and windows without blinds. The history of window blind is older than we can imagine. A question also arises in our minds that when these blinds were made? The ancient Egyptians made lace from tree skin to use in their blinds. Similarly, the Chinese used bamboo for making blinds. Venice took the idea from Persians for the 1st time and later on, they were called Venetians in Italy. These Venetians were innovated further to make the one used now in almost every part of the world. In 1769, Edward Bevan made the moving wooden blinds. John Hampson of New Orleans in 1841 added stripes in horizontal shape which are now widely used in all kinds of blinds.

At present, different materials are being used for making blinds. Blinds are solar panelled, automatic, digital and much more innovation has been added so far. The Blinds Express is an American company indulged in providing blinds and shutters to their online and showroom customers. Their customer reviews can be found on our website for you to know more about the products and services of Blinds Express.

About the Blinds Express
The Blinds Express has been providing blinds and shutters in the United States of America for the last 45 years. The showroom is located in Rochester, New York. They also have an online store, The Blinds Express has the authorisation to sell and install different blinds, shades and shutters brands. They also have developed their own brand having all possible variants in terms of type, size and material.

Products and services provided by the Blinds Express
The Binds Express alongside selling others have also introduced their own window blinds and shades. They have developed both horizontal and vertical blinds and shades. Like other brands, blinds and shades made by the Binds Express are also in the arch, cellular, roller and shutter forms. The materials they are offering include basswood, bamboo, vinyl, aluminium, fabric, PVC, reed etc. There are different textures and prints like zebra and many other styles of abstracts. Multiple colours can be found in the catalogue.

The Blinds Express offers different features in all their products. These features include cassette, cord loop, motorized, routeless and top-down bottom-up.

Other brands like the Levolor, Norm, Bali and Quick Ship are also available in customizable sizes that can fit according to your window measurement. Customers ordering from different cities are also provided with installation facility like they are providing in New York City. Customers are also offered consultancy in person, over telephonic conversation and from their website.

Compliments, complaints and tips for the Blinds Express
The Blinds Express offers their customers to write testimonials in detail for possible suggestions to improve their products. Have you ever had the experience of purchasing their products? You can write your review or feedback on our website, These honest words can be useful for others in need of blinds and installation services for a new office, house or a single room.