How to benefit from cheap health insurance

If you are wondering how to get cheap health insurance, there are two categories of health insurance providers that generally vary in price and the level of coverage they offer; government-funded health insurance and private health insurance.

Although irrespective of the health insurance options available in a country, people usually seek the best health insurance coverage depending on their budget and medical needs. Irrespective of the various options for health insurance, the cheapest health insurance option is the government-funded health insurance, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Government-funded health insurance programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, are almost entirely free. But the health care coverage they offer is restricted to specific kinds of people that qualify their eligibility requirements.
The eligibility requirements of government-funded health insurance include:

You must be sixty-five years of age or above

Social Security Administration must qualify you to have a permanent disability

As a woman, you must be pregnant

You must be a citizen of the United States of America

If you meet the requirements, the cost you incur from medical or surgical bills will be covered. The coverage they provide goes as far as covering your medical bills should your medical condition require nursing facilities or home care. Unfortunately, not everybody benefits from government-funded health insurance, such as Medicare and Medicaid, especially those not eligible for the offer. Individuals that do not meet the requirements will have to invest in private providers of the best health insurance.

- Private health insurance

Private health insurance, as the name implies, is the health insurance coverage that is provided by a private body rather than the government (state or federal government). Most people usually prefer purchasing a private health insurance plan—which could be a cheap health insurance plan, depending on their budget and medical needs— because they are prominent for providing a wide range of coverage denied by government-funded health insurance, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Unlike Medicare or Medicaid, which are generally free or almost free, private health insurance companies usually offer the insured coverage for the medical and surgical expenses they may incur, in exchange for their monthly premiums. Irrespective of the cost, it is always worth it due to the benefits they offer over Medicare and Medicaid. The benefits are numerous, among which the most significant and essential merit of them is a shorter waiting period.

A shorter waiting period will forestall the deterioration of one's health conditions, which comes from the continual postponement of your medical appointments due to several other patients ahead of them, especially for the various health conditions that require elective surgeries, such as septoplasty and breast lump excision surgery.

How to get cheap health insurance from a private insurance company

You must be wondering about the possibility of getting cheap health insurance from a private insurance company, especially when they usually charge their policyholders a monthly premium in exchange for their coverage. The most common way you can benefit from the best health insurance at an extremely affordable price is via employer-sponsored health insurance.

Employer-sponsored health insurance, as the name implies, involves the provision of health insurance coverage to employees by their employer. The employer usually chooses and pays for a specific health insurance plan on behalf of their employees. Research and studies have shown that approximately seventy percent of the citizens of the United States of America benefit from employer-sponsored health coverage. Which turns out to be the most common way they can obtain cheap health insurance when compared with the purchasing of individual health insurance plans by themselves.


There are primarily two ways you can benefit from cheap health insurance, and they include enrolling in government-funded health insurance. If you do not qualify for their eligibility requirements, you will have to purchase a private health insurance plan, depending on your medical needs. However, you can benefit from a cheap health insurance plan through employer-sponsored health insurance, which is way less expensive than individual health insurance.

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