Travel Insurance


If you are planning any kind of vacation, the last thing you want to think about is the possibility of something going wrong. It’s your vacation and everything is going to be perfect, right?

Vacation insurance is vital if you want to protect your investment in your vacation – time that you can’t get back should something so wrong.

Do I Need Vacation Insurance?

The simple answer is probably yes. If you have spent money on travel tickets, accommodation or trips to attractions, if you are traveling abroad or driving in another country you are going to need some sort of vacation insurance.

What Can I Be Covered For

Insurers understand that even the smallest hiccup can have a significant effect on the rest of your trip. Just one late flight or delay can have repercussions further down the line, particularly where timetables are tight.

For that reason, travel insurance will usually be available to cover most instances on your vacation where something unexpected happens

These can include:

  • Travel interruptions, or delays in travel
  • Subsequent missed connections due to the above
  • Canceled flights, trains, coaches etc
  • Lost or delayed or stolen luggage
  • Tour company cancellations
  • Injury and/or medical expenses

If there is an event that could happen that will disrupt your vacation, then there is probably insurance that you can take out to cover yourself.

Your insurance may even cover you in case you lose your job before the trip, or an emergency situation that causes you to have to cancel your trip before or during in order to return home.

You can even purchase insurance that has a ‘cancel for any reason’ clause, should you need to.

Types of Vacation Insurance

It is important to note that every policy is different, and each policy is tailored towards a specific clientèle or type of holiday.

You should carefully shop around and select insurance that is right for you.

Your travel agent would be a good place to start to ask about the appropriate insurance for your vacation.

Insurance for a skiing holiday for example would be specific to the kinds of events that may happen on the slopes. For instance, you could be covered for injury, removal from the resort, lost or broken equipment etc.

On the other hand, insurance for a package tour would consider a different set of circumstances.

Policies are available to cover specific events, should you consider this to be a risk that you want to insure against.

For instance, you may have found a perfect policy that will insure all eventualities likely on your trip, but wish to also include specific baggage insurance, perhaps for expensive photography equipment or sporting gear.

Where To Buy

Travel agents, both online and high street are a great place to start.

There are also a great deal of comparison websites that will do a great job of selecting the perfect insurance for your holiday.

You may also want to check out offerings from your airline or other travel company.

You do need to do your own research and suitably assure yourself that the insurance you purchase is going to cover your needs should you have to make a claim.

Reading the fine print of your insurance policy is, however boring, a vital aspect to purchasing insurance. You need to know that you can rely on your insurance to assist you in the unfortunate event of a claim.

Happy vacations!

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