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Akari Lanterns

Have you ever visited a house, a restaurant, or any place that has left a long-lasting memory in your mind because of its ambiance? This is what aesthetically pleasing decor pieces and beautiful appropriate lighting do to your mind. A well-lightened place always refreshes the mood of the person present in that vicinity. It has been found out by facts and researches that people working in a place with refreshing lightning results in an efficient performance. Lamps, bulbs, lanterns, or any other type of illumination can be used for achieving the purpose of having an appealing restaurant, home, or patio. However, the type of light that is chosen depends solely on the place and area to be illuminated. You can read reviews about related products on our website too.

About AkariLanterns:

AkariLanterns was a small company that took its initial steps in Thailand. They started with making lamps from thick paper and worked a long time by manufacturing these only. After some time they realized that using thin plastic material provided more durability and was easier to use in the manufacturing process so they shifted their production in this dimension and had been working with making multiple types of hanging and floor lamps till today. They also extended their business by introducing a range of wooden chairs and side table accessories among their product list.

Products And Services Offered By AkariLanterns:

AkariLanterns provides its customers with a variety of aesthetic lighting products. They offer hanging lamps in small, medium and large, and extra-large lengths. Among their top products, they have swirl-hanging pendant lamps, spades pendant light fixtures, wave-hanging pendant lights, and wings-hanging pendant lamps. These all have multiple sizes available in them. Among its fancy light collection, they have three rings crystal pendant chandelier and Heracleum suspended pendant lamp. AkariLanterns also offer a variety of chairs, clocks, and related products at their online shopping facility. In the category of chairs, they have to hang 2 person egg swing chairs, woodside chairs, swinging hammer chair hammocks, and multiple ranges in lounge chairs. Hardwire and ceiling mountain kit for lamps attachment is also available at their online store. Along with the variety of hanging lamps, they also have floor lamps among their manufactured products. Return policy at AkariLantern is applicable for 30 days in which the customer could claim for a return if the product to be returned is in its original packing and unused. The days are counted from the day of the product’s purchase. AkariLanterns also abide by strict security and privacy terms and conditions when its customer’s financial account details are considered.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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