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Athar'a Pure

Are you struggling with acne? Do you want to purchase skin care products? Are you looking for natural skin care products? Have you ever heard about Athar'a Pure? Athar'a Pure is a natural premium skin care line that sells natural products with medicinal value. Check out their customer reviews to know more about Athar'a Pure

About Athar'a Pure
Athar'a Pure founder is called Sara Davoodi. She named her company after her grandmother the late Nani Athara. Athara means pure. The last ‘a’ combines Sara’s name with that of her grandmother’s. Nani was known to be a natural healer; she would use ingredients like neem and turmeric for healing wounds and skin issues. Sara learned from her grandmother. They would make masks from blending almonds and milk. They also made honey sugar scrubs from their home kitchen. Sara was inspired by her grandmother who embraced the use of natural products to make skin products. In a bid to honor her grandmother’s legacy she named the company after her. It is through her passion to make safe, healthy and natural skincare products that she created Athar'a Pure. Athar'a Pure products are made with nature's exotic ingredients, using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda healing, wellness and beauty. Athar'a Pure uses natural plant ingredients only. Athar'a Pure reviews will aid in your determination of whether to purchase or not.

Products and Services offered by Athar'a Pure

Athar'a Pure offers face and body products

. It sells anti-aging products, body soaps, scrubs and masks, oils and lotions, toners, skin cleansers and serum and facial oils. Lotions and oils comprise of Pin Lotus Hydrating Balm and Rose Petal Jasmine Body Lotion. Masks and scrubs include Indian Glow Face Scrub, Seaweed & Algae Mermaid Face Mask, Moroccan Glow Detoxifying Face Mask, and Multan Acne Activated Face Mask. Anti-aging products include Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream, Superfruit Jasmine Antioxidant Face and Moroccan Rose Toning Spray. Body soaps include Activated Black Charcoal Bar Soap, Organic Neem Oil Soap, African Shea Butter Soap for sensitive skin, Spiced Vanilla & Sandalwood Soap, Jasmine and Rose Petal Soap, and Rose Petal Lilac Soap. All the above products are made using natural products. Visit Athar'a Pure website to view other products it sells. Athar'a Pure offers a 20% off your first order once you sign up for their emails. They also have exclusive offers.

Shipping and Delivery of Athar'a Pure

Athar’a Pure offers free shipping for customers in the USA

. Orders are shipped within 1-3 business days. Orders placed on holidays and weekends begin shipping on the next business day.

Return and Exchange policy of Athar'a Pure
Athar’a Pure sees that it creates effective products at all times. In a case where you are not satisfied with a product, contact Athar’a Pure through their website or via email for a full refund.

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