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The primary function of glasses is to improve vision. Glasses are useful since they function as eye correction mediums for eye conditions like near-sightedness, astigmatism, and farsightedness. The knowledge of eyeglasses helps people to determine if their condition requires glasses or not. They will also know if their choice of glasses is ideal for their vision problem. The patient must consult an eye doctor who recommends the best glasses, depending on the visual examination results. Other eye conditions need more than just eyeglasses. These conditions may require those people to undergo eye surgery or use contact lenses. The first wearable eyeglasses were made in Italy in the year 1284. Benjamin Franklin devices bifocal lenses in the year 1784. The cylindrical lenses for astigmatism were later developed in 1825 by Sir George Airy. These glasses work by improving vision problems called refractive errors. They subtract or add to the focusing abilities of the lens and cornea. Over 150 million people in The United States are estimated to have glasses. These glasses are available in optical stores. Sunglasses are also worn, not necessarily to correct eye problems, but as a complement of fashion or attire. Both of these glasses are even more available in the online stores. The advancement of technology has made them much available.

About Befitting

Befitting is an online store for glasses solutions. The company manufactures its glasses in the USA. The company aims at making glasses that are original, cool, and a perfect pair. They provide different eyewear varieties that range from prescription eyewear, including single and progressive lenses, prescription sunglasses, and ultra-lightweight lenses. They also provide glasses of different prices so that their customers can afford without downing on quality. Their customer service is responsible for helping the customers quickly get the eyeglasses they like without scrolling down over lots of glasses on the page. They also ship customer product without charging any fee. They have also included a shop with an insurance feature for their online shoppers.

Products and Services of Befitting

Befitting offer a wide range of eyewear products. Their eyeglasses cover both men, women, and unisex glasses. These glasses have a different price range to accommodate various consumer demographics. They also come in different sizes like small, medium, large, and more. The buyer can also specify the custom size and submit it to the company. These glasses come with different frame shapes and colors. Some of the shapes include aviator, oval, rectangle, round, square, and more. The user can customize the colors. These frames can also depend on the material used. Some of these materials include metal, plastic, or a combination of the two. The company works with several brands like Betsey Girls, Destiny, Dragon, Elizabeth Arden, Fundamentals, and more.

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