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A good diet and regular exercise can help maintain healthy body weight, regulate digestion, build and maintain healthy bone density, muscle strength, and joint mobility, promoting physiological well-being, and boost the immune system. Exercise has been shown to boost life expectancy and overall quality of life in some studies. In comparison to people who are not physically active, those who engage in moderate to high levels of physical activity have a lower death risk.

Anti-aging benefits

have been linked to moderate levels of exercise, which reduces the risk of inflammation. More than 3500 metabolic equivalent (MET) minutes of exercise per week provides the majority of the advantages, with diminishing returns at higher levels.

In light of these facts, Brute Suits has indicated that it is prepared to contribute to fitness with its EMS suits. You may benefit from checking out the Brute Suits review section on this platform.

About Brute Suits

Brute Suits is a Portland, Oregon-based fitness firm. According to the company, working from home might be a time-consuming endeavor. Being confined to one's own home may cause one to gain weight, it is acknowledged. In the case of parents with young children, they may not have the energy or time to devote to their own needs. This is where the Brute Suits EMS suits are believed to be useful because these individuals can wear this fitness suit while doing all of their housework.

Brute Suits claims that after a long day at work, an individual's energy levels drop so low that he or she has no desire to work out. Work, in particular, often gets in the way of exercising. And Brute Suits believed that being physically active should be the most important thing that an individual can do with their life. For these difficulties, Brute suits claim that they are a great answer because just 20 minutes of use provides the same benefits as a regular gym session.

Brute Suits also affirms that most of the time, exercising outdoors is less exhausting than exercising indoors. It believes that the combination of outdoor training and Brute suits will push people to their limits, and allow them to keep beating their records. Fresh air, mild exercise, and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) are also acclaimed by Brute Suits to be a good way to get the mind and body revved up.

How can customers contact Brute Suits?

For inquiries, comments, and suggestions, customers can reach out to Brute Suits via the email address,, and the phone number 503 490 2900. Furthermore, Brute Suits is also active on various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Through these platforms, the public is updated on the company's activities and relevant information.

Products and services of Brute Suits

Brute Suits is involved in the manufacture and sales of EMS suits. The company also has a gymnasium where its customers are provided with training services.

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How was the EMS suit you purchased from Brute Suits? Was it effective? What was the experience of Brute Suits’ EMS suit like? We implore you to leave nothing out of your customer review, as your feedback would enable Brute Suits to know the minds of their customers and enable them to serve their customers better.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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