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Would you like an odor-free environment for you and your pets? Do you own an air naturalizer? Do you know about the benefits of energizing your indoor air? Would you like get rid of your pets funkiest odors? Do you want to fight allergies and get rid of pet hair for your family members who are sensitive? CritterZone is an online platform that sells what you need to live in an odor-free environment. Read previous customer CritterZone reviews to know more about the company before making any purchases.

About CritterZone

CritterZone is a company which was launched by William Converse in the year 2013. The company produces CritterZone air naturalizer that creates a natural, charged flow that fills a room or vehicle and continually cleans the air. CritterZone’s air Naturalizer Technology has been in development for more than three decades. The company is run by the converse family and is based in Minneapolis, United States. By going through CritterZone air neutralizer reviews you will have a glimpse of the types of products the company sells.

Products and services offered at CritterZone

Critterzone specializes in providing filterless air purifiers such as the CritterZone air naturalizer. CritterZone air naturalizer produces a natural charged flow to give indoor air the energy to clean itself, just like the sun does for outdoor air. It’s an all-natural process that virtually eliminates odors, bacteria, and other pollutants such as mold, mildew, e-coli, staph, salmonella, listeria and more. In other words, critterzone gives indoor air the ability to clean itself. This helps get rid of pet hair and allergies. Critterzone products include a car adapter for the critterzone air naturalizer, critterzone air naturalizer solo and dual pack. Mr. Proof pack provides a healthy air environment especially for caged pets like parrots. Wag out loud pack is for large pets such as dogs. Helps to clean the air for those pets that are closer to ground level. Haus panther pack is useful for getting rid of odors on the carpet and around cat litter boxes.

Shipping and delivery services offered at CritterZone

CritterZone offers free worldwide shipping. The orders may take from five to ten business days. Most orders are shipped within forty eight hours.

Return and exchange policy offered at CritterZone

Cancelling an order is possible if the customer contacts the company within twenty four hours from when your purchase order was placed. Order cancellation is not possible for orders that have already been dispatched. A return policy is offered for items received within 14 days. Items returned must be in good condition with the original packaging. The customer is responsible for return shipping charges. Refunds are issued based on the method of payment used at the time of purchase. Once the package is returned in good condition a refund to your account is done in accordance with the return conditions.

Compliments, complains and tips offered at CritterZone

Want to find the best air naturalizer for your home? Have you been struggling with bad odors in the house or vehicle? Would you like to get rid of your pet urine’s smell on the carpet? Share your feedback for new customers to read about your experience.

Do you want to provide a healthier breathing environment for you and your pet? Read previous customer reviews to know more about the products.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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