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Destination Gold Detectors

One of the jobs some people do is to dig gold and other metals from the ground. They do this mainly to sell these gold and metals to make money. Before anyone can dig metals underground, we need to have pieces of equipment that can be used to carry out the activity otherwise we will find it extremely hard to dig through since we can dig out gold with our bare hands.

The tools used in digging metals are of different types and they all have their uses. We can get them in local and online shops if we do our research well. But if we're still curious about where to get our instruments for digging, Destination Gold Detectors can be our best bet. You should read honest customer reviews of Destination Gold Detectors on to have more detailed information about the company.

About Destination Gold Detectors

Destination Gold Detectors is an online store, based in Moreno Valley, California. The company claims that it provides not only competitive prices but a Best Price Match Guarantee on Metal and Gold Detectors. They profess that they aim to provide an enjoyable and educational experience when customers shop their online store, by offering standard cutting edge products and instructions backed by top-rated customer service. They maintain that they offer the best metal and gold detectors.

Products and services of Destination Gold Detectors

The products that Destination Gold Detectors offers include detector bags, shovels, diggers, search coils, gold detector libraries, metal detector headphones, and the like.

Shipping policy of Destination Gold Detectors

Destination Gold Detectors profess that they automatically reach out to their suppliers to confirm if an order is in stock and available for immediate shipment as soon as they receive their customers' orders. They declare that customers will receive an order confirmation email as soon as they place their orders.

Destination Gold Detectors declares that their free shipping alternatives include UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, USPS Priority Mail, and DHL Express. They explain that if the customer's order is in stock and they've processed the charges to their credit card, then the order will ship within three business days from the date of the customer’s order.

Returns policy of Destinations Gold Detectors

According to Destinations Gold Detectors, most metal detectors are eligible for a full refunds exchange or store credit if returned within 30 days of purchase. They affirm that all processed line metals are not eligible for returns. Non-returnable detectors include but are not limited to brands that include Mega Detector, OKM, Fisher Research Labs, Makro Jeohunter, Consignment, Refurbished, and more.

Destination Gold Detectors emphasize that used, closeout, water detector models, and discounted detectors are not eligible for returns. The company asserts that all returned items must not be used and in working condition and must also have the manufacturer's original blank warranty and instruction manual.

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If you have been patronizing the Destination Gold Detectors in the past, then you're in the best position to tell us about the experience you had with them. Did you find their gold and metal detectors effective and durable? What do you think of the company's customer service? Kindly leave your feedback and customer reviews about Destination Gold Detectors here, so that other prospects will make better decisions about the company.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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