Styles Of Dresses All Women Should Know About

However, some outfits are not suitable for you due to many factors. It could be that it doesn’t match your body type or is unsuitable for the weather. These and many more can make it quite tasking when choosing the perfect dress for you. You can check for fashion opinions from experts on online blogs and reviews platforms like ReviewsBird.

Meanwhile, in this article, we are going to look at the following:

• What is a Dress?
• Types of Dresses
• Does color matter when choosing a Dress?
• Where can I buy Dresses?

What is a Dress?

A dress is an outfit made up of a skirt attached to a bodice and is typically worn by women and girls. It is also called a gown or frock. Dresses usually consist of a top piece that flows and extends down the legs.

Types of Dresses

Dresses for women have evolved over the centuries. Trends come and go, and dresses are in a constant phase of change. Below are some of the popular types of dresses for women you should know.

1. Midi Dress

Length has always been crucial to dress trends. In the early times, dresses were known to be longer and even conceal the ankles. But as society progressed, hemlines began their slow ascension away from the sacredness of the ankles. And that is when the Midi dress was born.

The midi dress is usually a knee-length dress that sits comfortably between a mini and maxi dress. It is great for any event, especially those you are not so sure if to look too formal or not. And they are also perfect for all body shapes.

You can shop for midi dresses online. LuLu and Milla are popular brands you should consider. With everyday free shipping available, Lulu dresses are nice inclusions to your modern wardrobe. Milla dresses are versatile. You can find something to wear for that evening party. Their wide size range means you will find something fitting enough. You can check online store reviews for other great options.

2. Off the Shoulder Dress

If you want that chic and feminine look, you should try off-the-shoulder dresses. They expose a woman’s shoulders and bring more attention, showcasing her strengths. It is a slight shift from the usual strapless style. You can try a list of fashion webshops to find the right off-the-shoulder dress for you.

3. Mini Dress

There was a time when mini dresses felt like a fashion fail or taboo, but that era is long gone. Today, mini dresses have become an integral fashion trend. They are suitable for those with great legs who want to bring attention to them.

You can easily find mini dresses online. You can check Von Maur dresses and Lularoe dresses. Although famous for their leggings, Lularoe provides eye-catching dresses that are worth trying. Aside from free gift-wrapping and free shipping, one other reason to try Von Maur dresses is that you can get plus-size items. There are other popular options online for you to try.

4. Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses have always been there from the start. They keep your ankles concealed and may even drag on the floor, hiding your feet completely. Hit a casual outing with this dress type or a time at the beach. It could be a perfect outfit for that dinner date, especially when complemented with a pair of flashy earrings.

Maxi dresses are not difficult to find. You can look at ng dresses and ing dresses to find your perfect maxi dress. Ing dresses are great as you can find the perfect maxi dress for any event. And if you are looking for plus size, they have it.

5. Smocked Dress

Smocked dresses are a great fashion style, and many people like them for their ease. You can quickly opt for a smocked dress when in a rush to meet up with an event or someone. Its versatility is also commendable. It comes with sleeves or without. You can complement it with other accessories like boots and a jacket.

6. Pinafore Dress

When it comes to dresses for women, the pinafore dress is usually looked down on as a style for girls, but that has changed over the years. They are now in vogue again. This dress comes without a collar. You can pair it up with a shirt which can be worn under. It gives you the freedom to flaunt your shape without doing too much.

7. Overall Dress

Overalls are known as that rush-hour alternative dress you wear mindlessly to meet up with time. Just like the pinafore, an Overall dress is often seen as one for the young girl, not for grown-ups. But that’s entirely wrong. You can make fashion statements with the right accessories and pairings.

8. Chiffon Dress

Chiffon dresses are made from chiffon fabric. They are known for the luxury and finesse they exude. A chiffon dress with apt accessories gives you that affluence and chic look. Chiffon dresses are an enduring fashion statement. These dresses are not hard on the skin and give great comfort.

9. Feather Dress

Feather dresses date back to the extravaganza of the early 20th century. They are known to be suited for high-profile events and gatherings. A feather dress is a sign of affluence, and when matched with the right accessories, you could be the woman with all the eyes on her.

10. Pencil Dress

The pencil dress can give you that stunning look, making it ideal if you intend to impress. The dress is made to give much accentuation to the waist, while the hem just hovers below the knee. This works well for that black dress you should wear on a date.

11. Nude Dress

A nude dress can be risky if not done right. Such dresses help to accentuate a woman’s body. Such types of dresses are designed to conceal the private areas, albeit barely, given that much is still left exposed. A good example is Cher’s outfit at the 1988 Oscars which suddenly became a notable fashion statement during that time.

Does color matter when choosing a dress?

Of course, color matters a lot when choosing a dress. Experts advise that when trying to choose colors of dresses, you should consider your skin’s undertone. This can be either cool or warm.

Thus, sometimes, a particular color may not fit you, or that perfect dress may not be perfect for you due to several factors. Also, it is great to seek others’ opinions about a certain dress you have chosen. It is also a good idea to try some dresses on before concluding they are no fit for you.

Are there ugly dresses?

There are no ugly dresses. The main thing at work here is people’s perception. A dress that may look ugly to you may be perfect for someone else. Body shape is another factor. An ugly dress may seem so if they don’t fit a person but may look remarkable on someone with the perfect size.

Where can I buy dresses?

There are many popular stores where you can buy great dresses online. Chicos dresses, Hollister dresses, and Mal dresses are some brands you should try. Chicos dresses are trendy, and you can easily lay your hands on a midi or maxi dress that will leave you feeling confident. Hollister dresses are wide-ranging. You can find smocked dresses, midi, mini, and woven dresses. There are so many options that will interest you.

Mal dresses are known for their unique designs and vibrant colors. Check their costumes and fancy party dresses. Reading reviews can help you find popular brands online. You can try old navy dresses too. The brand is known for providing trendy wear at affordable prices. Old navy dresses have become a staple in the UK and other parts of the world.

Dresses are every woman’s usual fashion must-have. Knowing the types of dresses will help you decide what will fit you and which will be a perfect fit for a certain occasion. Not all dresses will look good on you, but you have so many options, which makes it great.

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