Tips and Tricks in Styling a Feather Dress

Wearing feather dresses didn’t start now; it’s a trend that dates back to the early ‘20s. They are known for the elegance and affluence they portray and are suited for big events and festivals. Walk into a room dressed in a white feather dress and see how you will have all eyes on you. Who doesn’t want that? Let’s see how you can bring about that effect.

What materials are used in making a feather dress?

There are different types of materials used in making feather dresses. But the big problem here is that most feathers used are disreputable. One tip to get past this is by verifying where fashion retailers and producers get their feathers from before buying any feather outfit or any feather trim dress.

Ostrich feathers are used, although they can be expensive due to their rarity. Marabou feathers from turkeys are an ethical material for such dresses. Other feather materials include synthetic polyester feathers, rooster, egret, heron, and peacock feathers.

It is typical for some clothing brands not to provide any information regarding where their feathers are sourced. You can read online shop reviews to find some of these brands.

Types of feather dresses

1. Mini feather dress

A mini feather dress is great for the party season, especially with loud music and rounds of drinks. With the dress’ hemline above your knees, your legs can be the center of attraction. But that is one disadvantage as you would love to draw more attention to your expensive outfit.

Go with a pink feather dress and match the mini style with pale gold accessories, and have everyone staring in your direction. Check brands like Rotita for available options. The online fashion clothing shop for women provides trendy dresses and accessories at affordable prices.

2. Long feather dress

Try a long feather dress if you want to look like a queen gracing a high-profile event. Preferably, a black feather dress will do. Blend this with white or clear accessories to keep people more interested in the outfit than any other thing. Check Jurllyshe reviews for more expert opinions. The popular brand has trendy women's dresses, pants, tops, and accessories at affordable prices. Finding the perfect long feather dress at this store won’t be much of a problem.

3. Midi feather dress

A midi feather dress is a more worthy option than a short feather dress if you don’t want to cause some inappropriate stares. This will still leave some flesh outside to be appreciated.

Choose a midi-styled red feather dress and match it up with cool accessories. You can use silver heels and jewelry to compliment the look. Try Petal pup reviews to see what they have in their feather dress collection. The popular brand provides a range of trendy women's outfits, including casual, party, and cocktail dresses.

Feather Dress Essential Styling Clues

It is very important to know how to style something as expensive as an ostrich feather dress. It is not as simple as an overall dress, pinafores, or even chiffon. Thus, getting it right should be your aim. Fashion experts opined that most, if not all, the attention should be on the dress.

You can only achieve this if your accompanying accessories aren’t as loud as your feather dress. Thus, neutral or cool colors will work best. Silver shoes, white heels, and pale gold jewelry are those you should try. Also, your hairdo shouldn’t be elaborate. A center part, chignon, or a simple bun will do.

A feather dress is a way to announce your arrival at a party without a word. It is an attention-grabbing outfit meant to depict affluence. Adhere to the styling tips above, and you will make a lasting fashion statement anywhere you go.

By Mo