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EF Collection

There are a lot of qualities that make good jewelry. Good materials are vital, there are very cheap jewelry components available in most craft stores but they fall apart quickly. Good jewelry materials will outlive their owners. It is also important to know that good workmanship makes good jewelry, so many producers throw things together quickly and don’t take the time to finish them the right way.

Good jewelry must be made from good metals and/or stones, crystals, etc. Before one purchases jewelry, one should feel the piece should have no sharp edges or loose parts unless they’re part of a design element. Many jewelry stores claim to offer the type of jewelry described above, one of such firms is EF Collections. You may want to check them out, you will also find real customer reviews about EF Collections, on ReviewsBird.com.

About EF Collections

The founder of EF collections, Emily Faith Strauss, allegedly understood that the jewelry marketplace was missing thoughtfully designed pieces made for women like herself at the age of 24. Upon recognizing this void, Emily allegedly began to design and create her pieces, launching EF Collection in 2010. In 2012, the firm claimed that their founder Emily started offering her pieces for sale at her local hair salon, where she continued selling for the next three years. During this time, it was asserted that Emily steadily built up a Direct to Consumer Clientele and began utilizing her growing social media platform, and made the entree into wholesale, with Shopbop.com.

By 2014, it was alleged that EF Collection secured its first magnificent department store partner - Bergdorf Goodman, forever changing the landscape and introducing fine jewelry on the 5th Floor (5F). Presently, Emily is argued to have continued to create pieces using a 14K gold handset with diamonds, precious stones, and enamel. EF Collection claims to offer a balance between relevant trends and timeless design. Pushing boundaries and expanding the offering, Furthermore, the founder Emily was alleged to have established her Bridal Collection in Spring 2020, following her union to her husband, Justin Strauss, all the while staying true to the brand’s DNA of approachable and affordable fine jewelry.

EF collections argued that since its inception, it has garnered red carpet status and became a mainstay on celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Margot Robbie, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Reese Witherspoon.

Products and Services of EF Collections

EF Collections maintain that they design jewelry for the everyday woman and draw inspiration from the world around them - Art, Fashion, Travel, Nature, Friends. The firm professes that they try to put an unexpected twist on classic forms keeping their pieces feeling current yet timeless. For EF Collections, they maintain that less is more. They claim that while their pieces are delicate, they hope that they still make an impact.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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