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Fat Brain Toys

Instructive toys

are developed with a motive to inspire learning in children. They are also called educational toys. Every such toy is developed to teach a certain subject or skill. They simplify the topic or technique that we are mostly looking to teach our children. Toys are a possible way to engage kids. While children are in the continuous learning phase, the things they are interacting with are mostly not toys. Kids are also interacting with other things which are educating them but they are not dedicatedly made for their learning. Instructive toys let the kids develop some skills, induce intellect and develop them emotionally and physically.

At present, more companies intend to make such toys and games than in the past. The Fat Brain Toys is also indulged in developing educational toys. They are making these toys for almost all age groups to trigger possible knowledge while playing. Are you looking for reviews before buying? There are customer reviews and feedback regarding the Fat Brain Toys on our website to provide you with understanding regarding their products and services before ordering.

About the Fat Brain Toys

The Fat Brain Toys is another garage startup. Adam Carson was 10 years old in 2002 when he asked his father to make educational toys and sell them online. The young kid got the idea when he received “Geomaga” a magnetic building toy as his birthday gift. Adam found it so engaging that he searched for a larger set but found nothing. Therefore, he asked his father, a web developer, to start their online instructive toys store. Initially, they shipped orders from the basement of their house located in Nebraska, United States of America. Over time, they shifted their business operations to several places.

In 2006, they developed “Dado Cubes” under the same niche of educational toys and games. At present, they have made more than 60 toys of their own. The Fat Brain Toys have a warehouse, two retail stores; and an online store; thefatbraintoys.com. The retail stores are in Omaha and Kansas City. They are also sold by the Coast to Coast, SFMOMA, Barnes & Nobel, Learning Express and several other toy stores.

Products and services provided by the Fat Brain Toys

The Fat Brain Toys offer toys for boys and girls. They have developed instructive toys and games for every age group starting from infants & toddlers to seniors. Their instructive toys are classified into Active Play, Arts & Crafts, Baby Toys & Gifts, Brainteasers, Building & Construction, Classic & Retro, Games, Outdoor, Puzzles, Science & Nature, STEM Toys, Special Needs, Developmental Goals and Montessori Toys.

Parents can also order Puzzles made with their name alphabets. The Fat Brain Toys also have more than 150 pre-designed “name” toys for instant shipping. The online store is also embedded with a gift bot. The bot asks for the gender, age, price range and country of origin and brings the results you might be looking for.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips for the Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain is engaged with its customers to develop customized toys and games. The products also have rating along with other details to inform their store visitors of the features and users feedback. Whether you are a parent or a grandparent and have experience buying from their store, your comments regarding their toys and games on ReviewsBird are requested. They can provide other parents with a chance to know more about instructive toys and games available at thefatbraintoys.com.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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