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Holistic Hair Tribe

About 95% of the total skin area is covered in hair. Haircare is an overall term for cosmetology and hygiene involving the hair which grows from the human scalp, and to a lesser pubic, facial, and other body hair.

Your hair deserves the best treatment and one way to ensure that it gets that treatment is to shop for non-toxic, skincare, and styling products. If your problem is the inability to find a place where you could get hair products, then you should consider the services of Holistic Hair Tribe. Read undiluted customer reviews of Holistic Hair Tribe on ReviewsBird.com so that you know more about the company.

About Holistic Hair Tribe

Holistic Hair Tribe is a company that delivers different types of hair care products. This company is a community of passionate and committed beauty professionals who are devoted to improving the health, well-being, and mindfulness of others.

Holistic Hair Tribe was founded by Simply Organic Beauty to provide hairstylists and their clients with the safest, highest quality products available. They claim that from formulation to production, their products are made with the cleanest certified organic ingredients whenever possible and without the use of harmful chemicals.

Holistic Hair Tribe maintains that they strive to make their products vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free as well as being free from dangerous and toxic chemicals. This company partners with hair Stylists from their community to offer their clients the opportunity of purchasing products that are safe, healthy, and natural. Holistic Hair Tribe asserts that their products are always recyclable and have never been tested on animals.

Contact To Reach Holistic Hair Tribe

Individuals that have any concerns about Holistic Hair Tribe can email them at hello@holistichairtribe.com or fill out the contact form available on the Holistic Hair Tribe website

They maintain that their customer service team is open for operation from the hours: 10 AM – 6 PM EST.

Products of Holistic Hair Tribe

Holistic Hair Tribe claims that every brand and product in their store has been thoroughly tested and approved by their team of stylists and industry experts. Their services involve providing clients with hair care and treatment products, skin products, and hair styling products. Some of these products include Shampoos, Conditioners, Treatments, Styling, and beauty products as well as hair accessories.

From formulation to production, Holistic Hair Tribe declares that they use the purest certified biodynamic, organic, and fair trade ingredients.

Delivery and Return Policy of Holistic Hair Tribe

Holistics Hair Tribe’s shipping claims to cover all 50 states in the United States as their delivery time is 2-3 days. They also ship to Canada and also other places outside the US. The delivery time, however, is dependent on location. Holistic hair Tribe claims to offer a “return policy” as damaged products can be reported within 14 days of receiving the order.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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