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For a long time, American sportswear has accommodated various body shapes and designs that enable a free body movement. These clothes mainly focused on the ease to wear rather than fashion. In the early 1950s, Bonnie Cashin was famous for her design that included leather buildings, hooded jersey tops and dresses, purse clasps, and industrial zippers and fastenings. Bonnie Cashin became among the first American designer to get a global reputation on her designs. Sportswear has been one of the main contributions to American design history; it is a relaxed, modest, comparatively simple casual wear but still suitable for essential businesses and social meetings or gatherings. It explains the concept of a predominant America middle-class culture with innovative designs that brings out the historical idea of leisure. The five working days and extended operating hours per day brought up relaxed wear to allow the employees to carry out their duties and become productive comfortably. The necessity meant that a better approach to activewear was needed, thus the adoption of sportswear. These fashion clothes are sold globally and are even easy to access because of the adoption of technology kin businesses.

About Khaite

Founded in 2016 by Catherine Holstein, Khaite is an online sportswear retail company. The company sells women's sportswear collections. These clothes are functional, relaxed, comfortable, and designer-made. The company creates fresh designs every season; thus, they have various products that are authentic pieces of design. The clothes closely relate to a woman's day-to-day realities, fashion, and needs. The company aims to revive ancient America's sportswear to this century by adding modern style. The customers can conveniently order and receive their orders within a few days. They are also able to view and compare the designs available online interactively.

Products and services of Khaite

Khaite's online store contains collections of women's sportswear. These collections include pieces of simple designer-made fashion clothes. Some of the collection types include tops, bottoms, dresses, knitwear, denim, luggage, shoes, accessories, and outerwear. The customer can specify the type of material, size, and color of their intended item. Through the interactive interface, the customer can view how the product would fit if worn. The company also ships the product to various countries internationally, and its brand is also available in other leading fashion outlets. The company also accepts pre-orders and sells products that are adaptive to changes in seasons. It has a team of professionals from photography to design to capture and bring out a personalized experience to each user.

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