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Information technology (IT) refers to using computers to manipulate, transmit, retrieve, and store information or data. Normally IT is applied within the setting of business operations as opposed to entertainment or personal technologies. It is considered to be a subclass of information communication technology ICT. An information technology system (IT) system is usually a communication system, information system, or, more precisely, a computer system, including all peripheral equipment, software, and hardware operated by a small group of users. Humans have retrieved, manipulated, communicated, and stored information since when Sumerians in Mesopotamia invented writing in 3000 BC, but the use of the words information technology as used in the modern times first appeared in 1958 in an article that the Harvard Business Review has published.

About LEAM

LEAM is an information technology company specializing in engineering tailor-made software for clients and offers even consultation. The company has three main ways in which it works. These are the adaptive approach, tailored solutions, and optimal team. In tailored solution, the company recognizes that even if multiple optimization and technology problems look similar at first glance, it is essential to adjust to the particular operational and business requirements that its clients may need. In the adaptive approach, the company mutually works with its clients to reinforce its technological capabilities, deliver complete software solution, or offer consultation. The company draws upon a great network of experienced data scientists, software engineers, and algorithmic optimization experts to come up with the best project setup in optimal team.

Products and services of LEAM

LEAM is a company that offers clients a wide range of consulting and software engineering services. The company provides fleet optimizer and recognizes that one of the most important KPIs for share fleet operation is utilization. LEAM strives to ensure the right assets are available at the best location by building an algorithmic optimizer with an objective function that is flexible above the predictions. LEAM also offers a driver app that provides clients with delivery stops, constant routing to pick up, through charging locations, or through high-demand areas. There's an electric reach service offered by LEAM, which strives to enable a driver to know how far they can drive their electric vehicle, allowing them to know where to stop for a recharge, ensuring a seamless drive.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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