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The home decoration involves making the interior and exterior space more attractive and functionally useful for its residence. In the ancient days, artistically inclined cage dwellers painted pictures on their walls. As the years advanced, the home decoration was left for the rich since they had money to buy decorations. The industrialization age made access to these products easier since they were produced in bulk and affordable. The Romans used murals and mosaic designs on the floor as decorating items. In the 18th century, items like wallpaper, rugs, and pianos became more affordable. The people decorated their rooms in light colors, floral scheme wallpapers, patterned carpets, and comfortable furniture. Other homes also had a bookshelf. Home decoration had been preserved for the rich until the emergence of the middle class. Before their emergence, the common people focused on necessities rather than aesthetic considerations. Mass production development helped by cutting the cost allowing the middle-class and other groups to access products cheaply. The improvement in technology and the internet has even advanced decorations. Now people can choose different styles and themes for their indoor and outdoor decorations. They come in different packages allowing users to access an affordable plan or package. Users can also view and order items online.

About Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia is a company based in Los Angeles, CA, which designs and curates interior designs. They also update their product to meet the current market trend and makes it accessible to its customers. The team of designers and buyers responsible for ensuring that the business is up-to-date with the latest furniture, home accessories, and finishing trends. They also come up with unique styles picked from different parts of the globe. The company aims to actualize their client’s dream home. They suggest options that could bring more look and feel, which gives their users satisfaction and comfort. The company also offers customer support through email and chatbot to all customers for a quality user experience during the purchasing process. The customers can also subscribe to their mail list to get offers and latest product updates.

Products and Services of Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia offer a variety of interior design solutions. The customer can choose according to what room they need to be done. They may choose the dining area, living room, bedroom, or outdoor decoration. The company offers catalogs and rug guides to its customers to see all products and services offered. There are lots of rugs that the user can specify. They may be selected from different categories and attributes like features, materials, design, and more. There are also different furniture categories. Some of these include the living room, dining room, office, and bedroom. They also have pillows and décor, lighting, walls, among other products.

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