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Mexicali Blues

There is always a tempting desire to buy something you did not plan for but afterward, realize how important and useful it later becomes to you. The convenience and comfort of shopping from your home in an online store that sells many things are one of the most adorable things the internet can offer you in this present age. Think of a store that has a lot of random items you may find useful to you even when you don’t think you need them

Mexicali Blues

allows you to select and purchase items for personal use, homes, and different clothes designs to suit your fashion sense. You may be keen to know how authentic and viable their goods are. You know how common it is for most online stores to create a product different from what they sell. That is why it is advisable to always read a lot of online shopping reviews about any item or store you want to purchase from

About Mexicali Blues

Mexicali Blues is an online store that sells a collection of different things, from fancy clothes for men to fancy embroidery designs of different accessories. Children are also not left out in their collections of children's clothes design. For its passion for creating beautiful designs, the company also has all types of Jewelleries for women and home Decor to beautify and suit the home's needs.
Born out of a passion for travel, music, and fun, Mexicali Blues was first launched in 1988 by Pete and Kim Erskine after surfing different markets in Bazaar, Bangkok, and Lima with the sole purpose of buying good, distinct, and wearable treasures. Mexicali prides itself in creating and maintaining a good long-term relationship with artisans who create their products and customers who purchase them.

Products And Services Of Mexicali Blues

Mexicali blues offers a wide variety of items to purchase from. You will find All women’s clothing in different solid designs. Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, and Cold weather accessories in different designs like floral, Mandala, and special designs are available.
You get the opportunity to shop for men’s clothing in different tie-dye designs. You can get varieties of Children’s clothing in batik designs and sweaters of different sizes. Ever Keen on adding vigor and brightness to your home? This company has a variety of unique Silk curtains for the living room, lanterns, and rugs you can decide to decorate your home with.

Mexicali Blues’ Discount rates and Payment Policies

The brand is an organization concerned with improving the lives of humanity, and it takes 1 percent of every purchase you buy and gives it back to charity organizations. As a customer, you also enjoy free shipping on orders above 75 dollars. You can pay through Amex, Amazon, Gpay, Opay, and Discover, and your purchase will be delivered within 2-10 days.
For more information, you can contact its customer support hours within:
Monday-Thursday: 9 am-4 pm Eastern Time
Friday: 9 am-2 pm Eastern Time
Or call
Toll-Free: 1.866.329.0639 Or send an Email to
Address: 27 River Rd, Newcastle, ME 04553

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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