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Shoes with high or elevated heels are known as high-heeled shoes. These shoes raise the wearer's heels over the wearer's toes significantly. If the heel of a shoe is more than 3.5 cm high, it is considered high heeled. As a result, certain high-heeled shoes are more than 17 cm in height, such as those worn by ballet dancers.

Wearers of high-heeled shoes appear taller because of the optical illusion created. Leg muscles also get a lot of attention. High heels come in a variety of colors, fabrics, fashions, and heritages. Women are more apprehensive about wearing high heels than males are about wearing them.

For these reasons, Missheel states that it has shoes for sale for women. Checking out Missheel’s customer feedback section could be valuable to your style.

About Missheel

Online fashion retailer, Missheel, sells women's shoes from around the world. The company primarily focuses on the European, American, and Australian markets. Founded in October of 2020, the company believes that "everyone can experience beauty" as its guiding principle. Chengdu, China, is home to the company's headquarters.

In the same way, Missheel’s products are proposed to be produced by machinery, and hands that emphasize precision, and attention to detail and style. Quality is supposedly a priority for this company. They also boast of the fact that their products have been put through rigorous testing to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Additionally, Missheel is purported to have a partnership with Amazon to market its items. As such, its products can also be obtained on Amazon.

How can customers contact Missheel?

Customers can get in touch with the Missheel customer care representatives via their official email address, at service@Missheel.com, with any questions or concerns. Aside from Facebook and Instagram, which are two of the most popular social media platforms in the world today, Missheel is purported to have a presence on several others.

Products and services of Missheel

Women's shoes are the focus of Missheel's business. In addition to boots, pumps, and sandals, the company also offers flats. Aside from clothing, Missheel also makes and sells accessories like purses and socks.

Order and delivery services of Missheel

Missheel declares that clients can order their clothing through the Missheel website, and it will be delivered to them once the order is finalized. There is a 30-day average delivery time to the US and other countries.

Return policy of Missheel

Customers can return products purchased from Missheel for a refund, within seven calendar days if they are not satisfied. The returned products must be in like-new condition, and the products must also be returned in their original packaging.

Payment options of Missheel

AMEX, PayPal, MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Visa Card are all accepted payment methods by Missheel.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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Ruth 2 years ago
Excellent shoes in a hard-to-find size at an excellent price. I have several pairs and adore them all. Depending on the type of shoe, pointed or open toes, size up or down. Their shoes are o...

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Excellent shoes in a hard-to-find size at an excellent price. I have several pairs and adore them all. Depending on the type of shoe, pointed or open toes, size up or down. Their shoes are of good quality and are adorable. They have a variety of styles to suit everyone, and their shoes are reasonably priced. I've ordered over 30 pairs of shoes from this company so far and have not been disappointed. I like that they have a large selection of shoes from which to choose. This company is very professional, and they respond to their customers in a prompt fashion. They should be patronized

Ruth 2 years ago
Would buy here again?

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