How To Make a Monster Gun DIY

What Is a Monster Can Gun?

A monster can gun is a DIY (do it yourself) toy that can be made for both kids and adults. The materials required for making monster toy guns can be easily obtained within our immediate environment. If you like to purchase the material needed to make a monster gun, it shouldn't cost you more than $6.

Materials Needed to Make a Monster Energy Gun

The materials used in making a monster gun can be improvised, but if you want to buy some of the materials, you can get them from kid stores. To get quality materials, read reviews about kid's stores before purchasing.

• Glue gun

• Glue sticks

• Knife

• Tape

• Seven bottles of Monster energy drink

• Paint or coloring (for customization)

• Stickers (for customization)

Steps To Make a Monster Energy Drink Gun

Here are the steps to take while making yourself a Monster energy drink gun:

1. Gather Your Materials together:

Like when making a splatter ball gun, you have to gather the required material needed to fix the gun. In this case, only glue sticks, glue guns, and some cans of monster energy drinks are needed. To get toy materials such as this, the tot is a reliable online store with positive reviews to get toy material such as this.

2. Remove the tops of monster drink cans:

When you are making a monster energy gun DIY, the first step is to remove the tops of the can. Removing the monster can tops is to allow the cans to be glued together without hassle. After making the monster gun, one monster drink should be left with its top intact.

3. Add glue to four of the cans:

The next step is to glue the longest part of the monster drink gun, which should consist of four cans. Put hot glue on the bottom of each of the cans five times to make them stick together. The can with the top intact should be part of this and should be kept in front. For customization, you can paint the can with any color. Joyasdechina provides customers with any type of fashionable customization they might need.

4. Add the grip and handle:

Add the grip and handle of the monster gun using two of the can and glue them down. If you need to add more customization, goat guns will provide you with different models of miniature gun grips and handles.

5. Create the gunsight:

The gunsight is used to view a target accurately, and this should also be included in the monster energy gun DIY. Using a knife, make a round opening at the bottom of the cab and glue it on top of the place where the grip and handle are located.

6. Add More Customization:

To make Monster drink guns more appealing to the eyes, add different customization to them using paints, stickers, and tape. The best parts to add customization, such as stickers, are in front of the gun and the gunsight. Use transparent tape to cover the opening in the gunsight of the monster gun.


A Monster gun is a toy gun that can be used by kids and teenagers as well, and it is made using mainly monster energy drink cans. It is a DIY (do it yourself) toy that requires materials like a glue stick, glue gun, tapes, monster can, stickers, and paints to make, and the process is quite simple.

By Mo