A Guide to the Types of Splatter Ball Guns

This article will look at different aspects of the splatter ball gun and some of the best products on the market. Thus, things to expect are: What is a splatter ball gun? What is the best splatter ball gun on the market and what other splatter ball gun alternatives?

What is a splatter ball gun?

A splatter ball gun is a toy gun for kids mostly made from plastic. It simulates the shooting of bullets, but in this case, what comes out after pressing the trigger are balls containing water called splat balls. They are so-called because they break on impact.

What is the best splatter ball gun on the market?

It is not easy to get kids to play outdoors and exercise their bodies in the process. Phones and television have taken up too much attention. However, kids have something interesting to steal away their attention with splatter ball guns.

Whether it is a splatter ball gun with a drum or a Glock splatter ball gun, your kids would appreciate it. Thus, below are some of the best splatter ball guns on the market.

1. SplatRball SRB1200 Full Auto Water Bead Gel Ball Blaster Kit

This is an automatic splatball gun made from ABS and nylon. Its dimensions are 12 x 24 x 3 inches, and it has a maximum range of 200 feet. The gun needs batteries to function.

It comes with 6,000 rounds of splatter ball gun ammo and soft gel balls that can be fired to 50 feet. It also comes with 1,200 splatter ball gun magazines and a rechargeable 7.4V 1800mAh battery. The SplatRball SRB1200 is a safe toy gun for children to play with.

The SplatRball SRB1200 is ideal for older children from 14 and above and weighs about 5.05 pounds. It is a fast toy gun as it can go 11 rounds in a single second. It is a quality product that will bring out the best in your children. It is easy to put together because it does not come with sophisticated parts that may be hard to piece together.

If you want to learn how to shoot, this custom splatter ball gun is a good way to do so. The only downside is that smaller kids can play with it. You can check stores like Amazon, Toynk toys, TRarget, and others to buy this product.

2. Ladinwu Electric Uzi Gel Ball Blaster with 10800 Gel Balls

This is another great splatter ball gun from Ladinwu manufactured from quality materials. Toy store reviews show that this product is currently one of the best. It comes in either red or yellow color. This toy gun also needs batteries to operate and has 10,000 soft gel balls devoid of any toxicity. The shot balls explode on impact and are not harmful in any way.

The Ladino Electric Uzi Gel Ball Blaster is ideal for kids above 12. This toy gun comes with two 5000mah batteries to keep you going for hours. It also comes with eyeglasses to keep you from getting hurt when playing with others.

Like the former, this product is also not complicated to assemble and begin using. The shooting speed can be altered to change the pace. The noise was a problem in older versions, but the new one is less noisy. You can check splatter gun websites like Firestar toys and TRarget to see if they have this product.

3. Anstey Electric with Gel Ball Blaster AEG AKM-47

The Anstey Electric with Gel Ball Blaster AEG AKM-47 has a dimension of 14 x 7 x 3 Inches. It is a splatter ball gun made from plastic, weighing 1.45 Pounds. It comes with a Lithium polymer battery, promising endless hours of uninterrupted fun. If you have a child over 12 years, you should consider buying this product from Anstey.

The splatter gun has been hailed for its unique design and quality. You will get other accessories such as a USB cable for charging, protective eyeglasses, an electric gel blaster, and 5000 soft gel balls.

The gel balls are fed into the magazine and switched on. The gun requires only an hour to charge and can shoot gel balls for a distance of at least 50 feet. The gun is entirely safe for children to use. You can check Partytoyz, Amazon, and others to see if they have the product.

Other splatter ball gun alternatives

Toy guns are of different types. If you want something other than a splatter ball gun, you should consider a money gun, toy machine gun, soft bullet gun, and more.


Splatter ball guns are numerous in the market. It is best to do a thorough check online to find the one suitable for you. However, those listed above are among the best you can find.

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